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Ep.1-  To a Concert We Will Go (8/20/01)

Teen Shaft (Tom Tibbals)
Bionic Boy (Walter Manbeck)
Atom Ant (Ed Goldstein)

Mr. Norway the angry math teacher
Mr. Clark the touchy feely english teacher
Mr. Shasta the sexy PE teacher
Irving R. Ded- Student
JD- Hall Monitor
Da Mayor

Location-  Pebble Beach, California

Date-  1975

While walking to school the guys notice the town sharif writing out a bum ticket to the driver of a really fancy coach bus.  They ask what's going on but get blown off so they keep heading to school.  While attending class they hear about a Bee Gees benefit concert at the Pebble Beach Ball Park and decide they have to go.  The end up getting detention by JD who catches them loitering in the hallway.  They served their detention under the watchful eye of Mr. Norway and then headed out to get tickets for the concerty.

At the concert they noticed a hippy dude passing out recreational drugs but were unable to catch up to him once the concert started.  They then got to see some of the Bee Gee's concert before it was rudely interupted by the King and his posse who drove their big old pink Cadilac up onto the stage forcing the Bee Gee's to dive into the crowd.  The King pulled out his mike and started to belt out a song and admonishing the crowd for not listening to good old rock and roll music.  His flunkies managed to knock out the police and anybody else who tried to get up on stage with some new fangled, fancy sonic stun guns.  The crowd panicked and ran for the exits and our heroes used this disruption to change into hero ID.

Bionic Boy lept onto the trunk of the Cadilac and was almost knocked unconsious by the King who also had a sonic stun gun.  He managed to get in a few good hits before Atom Ant flew through the bottom of the stage and picked up the Cadilac, forcing the King to hold on for dear life.  Bionic Boy managed to jump down a dispense some justice with the help of Teen Shaft who was putting the hurt on a couple of the Kings Flunkies.  They managed to KO the King and round up his crew about the time the police returned to consiousness.  As things were being cleaned up people from the audience began to transform into raging beasts and our heroes noticed that they happened to be people who bought drugs from the Hippy dude.  They fought the deranged mutated spectators and managed to subdue them.

The End for Now.

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