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Ep.2-  School Blues (9/13/01)

Teen Shaft (Tom Tibbals/Absent)
Bionic Boy (Walter Manbeck/Absent)
Tron Boy (Otto Amazequita)
Atom Ant (Ed Goldstein)
Vlad the Teen Werewolf (Tom Brittain)

Mr. Norway the angry math teacher
Mr. Clark the touchy feely english teacher
Mr. Shasta the sexy PE teacher
Irving R. Ded- Student
JD- Hall Monitor

Location-  Pebble Beach, California

Date-  1975

The guys attended school as usual.  During Ms. Shasta's PE class they noticed a couple of stoners smoking something under the bleachers.  Before long the stoners monster out like the innocent people at the concert and start throwing things around in a burserker rage.  Our heroes manage to duck out and change into costume and apprehend the two stoners.

After school they decide to track down the hippie dude but Atom Ant has to do his chores first.  Tron Boy decides to help him out and unleashes a bunch of his fathers robots on Tron Boy's parents back yard.  All hell breaks loose and Atom Ant ends up smashing the robots.  Afterwards they manage to spot the hippies technicolor VW Van driving through town and follow it out to Finger Point, Pebble Beaches infamous make-out spot.  The check out the van and manage to lure the hippie dude out but before they can pound him into paste he hits a button on his wrist band and is incased in some kind of strange high tech armor.

They battle it out with the transformed hippie dude and manage to subdue him.  After questioning him they find out he's some kind of interdimensional time traveler and that he has come to their time and dimension to recruit supers to correct his dimensions history.  Will our young heroes go with hippy dude?

The End for Now.

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