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Ep.3-  Back in My Day (9/27/01)

Teen Shaft (Tom Tibbals)
Bionic Boy (Walter Manbeck)
Tron Boy (Otto Amazequita)
Atom Ant (Ed Goldstein/Absent)
Vlad the Teen Werewolf (Tom Brittain)
Cpt. Marvel (Richard)

Mr. Norway the angry math teacher
Mr. Clark the touchy feely english teacher
Mr. Shasta the sexy PE teacher
Irving R. Ded- Student
JD- Hall Monitor
Prof. Horten AKA Hippie Dude

Location-  Pebble Beach, California

Date-  1975/11 Nov. 1943

The hippy dude explains that he needs our heroes to go back in time and save Hitler from Allied Meta Human Commandos sent to assasinate him iin order to save his dimension from the Nazi's (sorry but I'm not going to go into to much detail here).  They decide to help out the hippy dude and end up going to Sacramento, CA to pick up Teen Shaft who got sent to his grand mothers place.  They then head out for 1943.  They end up freezing somewhere in Germany not to far from Hitlers Alpine Fortress.  They stake out a local aerodrom and follow a convoy of supply trucks from the air port to a nearby town.  They notice a suspicious truck-driver who gives off no body heat and decide to ambush the convoy in order to flush out the Allied Commando-Super in disguise.

The manage to fell a couple of trees blocking the road and the Allied Commando darted for cover.  It happened to be Frost who used the snow to transport himself in.  They followed him to a remote cabin not far from the small town and take him down before he can alert the rest of his Commando Squad.  They snuck up on the cabin where it was suspected Commandos were hiding out.  They get surprise attacked by the commandos who were prepared for trouble and all hell breaks out.  Crimson Nun used her Holy Sword to carve up Cpt. Marvel while Green Knight did the same to Vlad the Werewolf.  Tron Boy took on Cpt. Conundrum with the help of Bionic boy who was nearly KO'd by Conundrum's electro-magnetic force field belt.  Eventually the fight came to a halt when the Green Knight KO'd Vlad and drew some serious blood.  Tron Boy surrendered and asked the Allied Commando's to stop and talk things out.  Eventually everything was made clear about the same time an Axis assault force, guided by Prof. Horten, came bursting onto the scene.

Everything faded out from there and our heroes awoke in bed from a mysterious dream they all seem to recall.

The End for Now.

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