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Ep.4-  Revenge of the Mad Shrinker (10/11/01)

Teen Shaft (Tom Tibbals/Absent)
Bionic Boy (Walter Manbeck)
Tron Boy (Otto Amazequita)
Atom Ant (Ed Goldstein)
Vlad the Teen Werewolf (Tom Brittain/Absent)
Cpt. Marvel (Richard)

Mr. Norway the angry math teacher
Mr. Clark the touchy feely english teacher
Mr. Shasta the sexy PE teacher
Irving R. Ded- Student
JD- Hall Monitor
Prof. Horten AKA Mad Shrinker
Diane Frizzel
Ami Namiki
Duke Sullivan

Location-  Pebble Beach, California

Date-  1975

The day started out normally enough.  Tron Boy met with his dad at breakfast and heard about the opening of a new Miniature Golf Corse in Pebble Beach.  He also got free tickets to attend the opening.  Cpt. Marvel, who helps out his uncle Pops at the local news paper stand, noticed the headlines in the paper indicating that a number of monuments had disappeared the night before including the Statue of Liberty, a pyramid from Gaza, the Eiful Tower, Big Ben, the Space Needle and a few others.  The guys met up and headed out for school.

During school Atom Ant ran into Duke Sulivan who gave him a hard time over football practice. He then tried putting the moves on Diane Frizzel but was shot down.  Bionic Boy ran into Ami Namiki it somehow triggered his assassin programming.  Cpt. Marvel ended up noticing a shadowy figure lurking in the hall and ended up getting lured into the gym equipment room.  Inside he was confronted by a minion of Mumrah, an enemy of Cpt. Marvel.  The minion had an ivory jar and was attempting to use it to syphon off Cpt. Marvel's powers but he managed to break it with a well placed basket ball, smashing the jar into pieces.

After school the guys ended up at Mini-World Put, a business started by Prof. Horten.  Prof. Horten worked for Tron Boy's father and had come up with the miniature golf course on the side.  He toured the course with Tron Boy's father.  Bionic Boy had a few potentially lethal encounters with Ami but was thwarted by the guys and circumstances and eventually everybody got the idea that there was some kind of fatal attraction there.  Atom Ant ran into Duke Sulivan and had a few words but never got anywhere.  The guys noticed that many of the miniature monuments were strikingly realistic.  Atom Ant shrunk down to investigate and determined they were the real monuments somehow shrunken down.

The guys ended up confronting Prof. Horten who panicked and took Tron Boy's father hostage.  Fight ensued as Prof. Horten activated a couple of giant robots that began rampaging.  The crowd of innocent bystanders began to flee and were saved from being crushed by Cpt. Marvel who grabbed a huge metal globe dropped by the two robot titans.  He then used the globe to smash one of the robots and ended up duking it out with the other.  Tron Boy and Bionic Boy managed to break through Prof. Horten's force field and save Tron Boys father but Prof. Horten got away by using a teleporter belt.

Later that evening at the unveiling of the Worlds Larges Putter monument in the middle of Pebble Beach, Prof. Horten struck again but was thwarted by the guys who were waiting for him.  Atom Ant ended up punching his lights out.

After saving the putter the guys stood around with the mayor and the press taking pictures and doing interviews.  They ended up with the group name "The Pebble Beach Defenders"

The End for Now.

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