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Pebble Beach Tourism Bureau
Established 1896

Funding Cut in 1897
100 years of Unfunded Mediocrity

Pebble Beach Pebble Beach is a frolicking town of 40,000 humans and meta-humans. Situated on the California coast, it has enjoyed a great deal of popularity from Aliens looking for a new place to visit. On the other hand, it also receives many visitors who blather on about some Pebble Beach where there is a really large golf course and tournament. Not to upset the wayward visitors, citizens usually show them directly to the 18 hole Mini-Golf Course that is funded by the City of Pebble Beach.

City Information
Pebble Beach is located on the southern California Coast making it a wonderful tourist spot. Highway 1 crosses through the town providing its main form of transportation in and out of the city. A short ways out of Pebble Beach you meet up with the junction of Highway 3 (running North and South) and Interstate 13 (running East and West). 1 hour and 45 minutes south of Pebble Beach lies Arlington City, the largest city (Population 456,000) within an eight hour drive. To the North east of Pebble Beach lies a small mountain range which has some wonderful hiking trails as well as the SunUp Ski Resort.
For educational purposes, there are three Elementary Schools (Lincoln, Bryant, and Cherish), a Junior High School (Washington, serving grades 7-8) and two High Schools. Pebble Beach High School is the largest of the High Schools in the town (and consequently, the ones that all TFOS PCs attend). With a mascot of a Rock, they are fierce rivals with the private High School located just outside of the town, The Richmond Academy of Knowledge Owls. Richmond students tend to be quite snotty, preppy (wearing clothes that generally out does a typical teenagers entire year of allowance) and always thinking of something to ruin the lives of Pebble Beach Students. Recent events have involved burning the names of each High School in the others football field and launching a cluster of popcorn ball grenades into the auditorium during an awards ceremony.

Places of Interest
1 - The Richardson House : Built in the late 1870s, the Richardson House was the first building in Pebble Beach. Rumor has it that it was abandoned in the late 1950s when one of the residents went insane and murdered the entire family. Despite all of what adults tell their young teenagers, there is occasionally a Teenager who will swear that they saw lights or someone moving around in the house. Bets are frequently made to see who can spend an entire night in the house.

2 - Zombie Zoo : The Zombie Zoo is THE hottest Discoís in all of Pebble Beach. Open only to those of ages 18 or above, Teenagers are constantly trying to sneak into the Zoo. Nightly a new band is put on the stage and once in a while, it's rumored that the manager gets a top notch band. Just a couple of months ago, LOx played a six hour concert for the party goers. Featuring one of the largest dance floors in the Universe, the Zombie Zoo is a MUST SEE for any party goer!

3 - Al's Grill : Built in the 1950s and fashioned after the old Happy Days Bar and Grill, Al's Grill provides every teenager with their daily allotment of grease and cholesterol. The 1950s atmosphere and cheerful waiters and waitresses make it a great Teenager hangout. There's even an authentic jukebox that plays disco and modern music. A stage is present as well for up and coming bands to preform and see if they have the right stuff. Warning - Food Fights occur on a regular basis here.

4 - Hungry Henry's Chicken Palace : One of the premier resturants in Pebble Beach, the Chicken Palace is a wonderful place to take the family when you have a craving for buckets of chicken.

5 - Ninjaburger : What more is there to say? Having served trillions of burgers all around the world, Ninjaburger is the best place to go for Fast Food.  They even deliver.  Ninjaburgre, a subsidiary of Rival Ninja Corp (RNC).

6 - Slice of Life Pizza Parlor : The Slice of Life Pizza Parlor is another favorite teenage hangout in Pebble Beach. Making the best pizza in the town, they are always busy. Everything from Pepperoni to Ice Cream Pizza comes out of their ovens.  Oh, and they also deliver.

7 - Gwedo's Fake ID Shop : Despite repeated attempts, the Police have never been able to shut down Gwedo. Who Gwedo is, no one knows. He's (is it even a he?) simply a mysterious shadow that has opened up numerous businesses around Pebble Beach. Gwedo is a very very shwred negotiator. People who enter those shops tend to come out with a lot more then they wanted. The Fake ID Shop offers some fine fake IDs for a short time before they destroy themselves. Parents are known to have members of the Neighborhood Watch stake out Gwedo's Fake IDs to bust any of their kids that decide to visit.

8 - Corner Pawn Shop : A pawn shop on a corner in the lesser then good part of town. Not much too it.

9 - Gwedo's Liquor : One of Gwedo's best shops, this one is constantly abuzz by teenagers on the weekends. ID is necessary to purchase any form or amount of drink. You must have the money of course. Be Warned! Neighborhood Watch scopes this place out as well!

10 - Fire Station : Pebble Beach's only Fire Station, this was formed as a volunteer organization until late in 1960, the members decided they could actually get paid for fighting fires. Still, most of the time they just sit around washing the fire truck and waiting for another Meta to accidently start a fire or for a failed chemistry experiment to happen.

11 - Uncle Luke's Music Store : For the teenager that is into music or wants to start their own band, Uncle Luke's Music Store has everything. Top notch guitars, drums, keyboards, and accesories for playing. No band is complete without a visit to Uncle Luke's.

12 - Darley Havidson Bike Dealership : Dealing in the finest of Bikes and Boogie Boards, this is the place to shop! Excellent quality new and used vehicles for a great price. Sales are constantly happening at this place.

13 - Pebble Beach Police Station : The Men, Women, and It's in blue that protect Pebble Beach from the villiany of the Universe. Most of the time, however, they spend chasing Teenagers who've decided to drag down Main Street or who are trying to TP Mr.Schmidtís house again. The rest of the time they usually spend in the Donutte Shoppe sampling the latest cusine.

14 - Ye Old Donutte Shoppe : Situated right next door to the Police Station, this is the most popular doughnut shop in town. Every hour it freshly bakes a new batch.

15 - Barber Shop :'s a barber shop. A good one at that. The owner, Ralph Omega is a four armed meta-human from LA. As a result, he can do two people at once with great efficinecy. Ralph has watched far too many movies with stereotypical barbers in them and being the typical Meta-human, he believes that is the way it is to be. So if you stop by, you'll get a great hair cut and a real treat!

16 - Zace Hardware : Zace Hardware carries a huge line of hardware. Anything you need to find ranging from Hammers, to Hyperspanic Wrenches to Dynomite (must have a Valid Construction ID to purchase) can be bought here.

17 - The Sports Center : Pebble Beach's largest Sports Supply store! Carrying every type of Sport equipment from all the known Sports in the Universe! You need it? Well, come on down to the Sports Center and grab it. Have a good old time at The Sports Center! (Paid for by Friends for Sports Inc.)

18 - Esperanto World Grocery Store : A nice little neighbor hood grocery store that specializes in foriegn foods. Great spices and some great recipes can be made here.

19 - Phil's Phamily Copying : For all your copying needs, Phil's Phamily Copying was just recently equiped with the fantastic Xerox MultiCopier 25600 series. Capable of copying 300 sheets at one time and at a rate of 75 pages per minute, they can get everything done fast and in Great quality!

20 - Nuclear Power Plant : Owned by M.C. Burns, the Nuclear Power Plant provides Pebble Beach with an almost unlimted power supply. Some hippies seem to enjoy basking in the soft green glow that emits from a large crack in the side of one of the reactors. Despite a large number of safety violations, it continues to operate for unknown reasons. Oh, and the management continually denies that their location across the street from Pebble Beach Colonel Hospital has anything to do with that Hospitals high number of radiation cases.

21 - Hobbies Limited : The local hobby shop for all your Roleplaying, Wargaming, Card Addiction, and other sorts of needs. It also has everything you need for making models or whatever sort of little hobby that you have. (Note - This is named after a real life Hobbies Unlimited in Dubuque, Iowa. Due to the fact that they never had in what we wanted despite their advertising, we called it Hobbies Limited).

22 - Pebble Beach Autoshop : Currently undergoing some reconstruction, the Autoshop is the place that all Teenagers love to go to have their car tweaked out from that old rust bucket to something worth more then the gas that they put into it. Your typical autoshop.

23 - Dan's Cafe : A small cafe that is often frequented by the more "hippe" class of student in Pebble Beach. A favorite hangout of the students from Richmond Academy.

24 - Samurai Burger.  The proud samurai endeavor to bring you better burgers, faster, and cheaper then those lowly, honorless Ninjas at Ninja Burger.

25 - Gwedo's Antidote Shop : Another one of Gwedo's shops, this one actually serves a really good purpose. The only problem is that no one knows how Gwedo makes the antidotes. There have been rumors of certain side effects coming from the antidotes. They are also very expensive. Gwedo has been known to accept "favors" in return for the antidote.

26 - City Hall : Center of the great Pebble Beach City Government, almost nothing gets done here. It's politics after all. 90% of the time the residents are out campaigning for the next election year. The local House has been considering passing a bill that extends elections to once every 4 years rather then once every year right now. The local courtroom is also present inside of City Hall.

27 - Intergalatic Communications : Intergalatic Communications has the monopoly on telecommunications within Pebble Beach. With enough hardware to make their phones reach anywhere in the Universe, service is quite reliable.

28 - Shades O' Rama : Shades O' Rama is a huge store, shaped like a pair of Sunglasses and dealing only in Sunglasses and the accessories. Some of the coolest fashions in eyewear show up here.  And what Teenager living next to a beach does not need a pair of sunglasses?

29 - Floaters : The biggest grocery store in Pebble Beach, this one isn't actually even IN Pebble Beach. It floats a little ways above the city using Star Trek style transporters to get customers too and from it. A lot of times during the week (especially when the really good TV shows are about to come on), Teenagers are sent up to Floaters to pick up some small and trival item.

30 - Travel Agency : Planning a trip? Maybe to Colorado to see the mountains? ? Either which way, the Travel Agency is the best place to go.

31 - School of Gung Fool : Gung Fool, one of the distant relatives to Karate and the more respected forms of self defense. Come to think of it, very few of them even acknowledge that Gung Fool is part of the self defense family. More Information Forthcoming.

32 - MCO : The Meta-Human Control Officers! Earth's last bastion of defense against the destructive superpowered Teenagers that have invaded. The fine men and women  are equiped with the finest gear and equipment to handle these miscreants. Join them today in defending your city!(Taken from the MCO Offical Guidebook to Public Relations) The Meta Human Control Officers are pretty much a band of men and women, all dressed alike in shiny black suits and mirrored sunglasses that are a mixture of Truant Officer and Supercop. Weighed down by bandoliers of gadgets, carrying huge and silly weapons and driving cheap remakes of the Batmobile, they tend to cause more destruction then any Teenager could every do. Typically they spend their time making "incursive assaults" on students sneaking off campus, punitive strikes against beach parties and are heard saying things such as "We had to nuke the high school to save it."

33 - Military Surplus Store : Pebble Beach's Surplus store tends to have everything from Army Dogtogs to Zap Guns. You can get pretty much anything that is legal and destructive here.

34 - Pebble Beach High School : Pebble Beach High School is the largest High School in all of Pebble Beach and the one that all of the Teenagers attend. Great amounts of fun is to be had here (if you listen to the Teachers that is). No one knows who the Principal is. He/She/It is a mysterious figure that knows everything that is going on. The major figure in charge is Mr. Schmidt, Vice Principal. Other teachers of note include Mrs. Parkinson, the Physics Teacher and Mr. Conelly, the History teacher as well as Mrs. Davis the Counselor (and Chairwoman of Pebble Beach Business Commitee), Mr. Hazen the Chemistry teacher, Mr. Clark the English Teacher, and Mr.Leitz, the Shop teacher. These are just a few of the many teachers present in Pebble Beach High School. Hall Monitors protect the students from leaving campus during lunch as well as making sure no one runs in the hallway or is late to class. These students are generally tortured by their fellow classmates on a regular basis. (Editors Note - High School in Pebble Beach is almost identical to most in the nation and actually around the world. Pebble Beach High School was designed after the real Senior High School that Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Conelly attended)

35 - City Dump : The City Dump. Lots of garbage here. There are also lots of really neat things that get thrown away because people have a difficult time realizing what is garbage and what is not.

36 - Co-Op Records : Co-Op Records is THE place to get the best Vinylís and latest releases. The owner, Mike, is slightly on the loopy side but he's been a roadie for every major band that has come through town in the past 30 years. He's got everything from 70s disco to the big band sound of the 40ís. The Hippies tend to hang out here a lot for some strange reason too.

37 - Daycare Center : Ever try taking care of kids? Now try doing it to Meta-human children who can Monster Out, Shapechange, or Zap you whenever they want a bottle! The Daycare Center is often busy and gets a lot of vists from the MCO.

38 - Riches Mansion : See Who's Who in Pebble Beach! for more information on the Riches but we'll give you a little tidbit here. A huge mansion, taking up one city block in the building itself plus countless acres of wild grassland behind it. The Riches are the richest family in Pebble Beach. Even their son, Eric Riches, has a fortune to himself.

39 - Ottoman Furniture Store : Nothing is known about this place. It opened up not too long ago and it's doors have been closed ever since.

40 - La Masion Rogue : The fanciest and most expensive resturant in town, this is the place to go to woo your date. Better bring along three forms of identification just in case you have to make a loan. Black Tie and Dress only.

41 - Owen Wilson Stadium : The home of the Pebble Beach's two sports teams, Owen Wilson Memorial Stadium was named after the great Coach. In his honor, the city government bravely sacrificed by taxing the citizens and building this remarkable stadium. The Pebble Beach Pingers (Baseball) and the Pebble Beach Sand Dunes (Football) call Owen Wilson Memorial Stadium home.

The Boardwalk:  To get to the beach you must cross the boardwalk.  The boardwalk has been around since the early 1920's and has been the entertainment center of Pebble Beach since the day it opened.  There are a mix of old and new rides there as well as many carnival style games to play.  A recent addition to the Boardwalk has been a fully functional arcade with such mega hits as Pong, Space Invaders, and Galaga.

The Beach : Pebble Beach is extremely proud of it's beach. You have to visit it to see. Due to the wonderful almost always summer weather, Teenagers enjoy parties on the beach or out on the island which you have to swim to. Great water and sand for fun! There is also the Beach house which provides for dinner and a place to hang out during those cool evenings when you don't want to swim. A favorite hang out of all Teenagers.

***The material presented here was originally created by the members of the TFOS MUX and was barrowed and tweaked for this campaign.  I lay no claim or credit to the original works.

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