Champions Campaign Ground Rules
Generation Hero

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General Description-  A Golden Age Champions game where the PC heroes are one of the first Heroes in the world and are doing their patriotic duty by fighting Nazis.

Importance of PCs-  PCs are HEROES fighting the good fight and serving their country at the same time.  They may not determine the course of the war but they will be making a difference in some way.

Campaign Tone
Morality-  Good vs. bad is mostly clear-cut
Realism-  Realistic (almost to the point of grittiness)
Outlook-  Successes balanced by failures
Seriousness-  More serious then light-hearted
Continuity-  Entirely serial, everything must fit into the storyline

Physical World (Description)-  It is earth in the 1940s where metahumans are just emerging.  Everything looks the same for that time period but things have started to drift technology wise with inventions such as Nazi mecha aiding in the blitzkreig.  Supers are not common.

Character Building Guidelines
1) Starting Points for PCs-  100 pts.
2) Max. points for one disadvantage category-  40 pts.
3) Maximum Disadvantage Points for PCs-  100 pts.
4) Characters Automatically have Characteristic Maxima disadvantage at no point value-  Yes
5) Character can carry normal technology (weapons, etc) at no point cost-  Yes

Power Levels         Beginning Range      Max
Attack Powers         30-40 active pts.      50 pts.
Defense Powers       18-25 DEF             30 Def.
Skill Rolls                         -                       -

Campaign Rules
6) Combat uses hit location chart-  No
7) Knockdown Rules Used-  No
8) Long-term endurance rules used-  No
9) Limited Push-  Yes

House Rules
None until I have to step up with the mighty GM Hammer.

Here come the GM Hammer-  Hand Attack will now be costing 5 pts per 1d6 due to balance issues.  You can put a limitation 1/2 LIM- Doesn't add to damage from maneuvers bringing the cost back down to 1d6 per 3pts. in order to simulate damage from weapons.

Character Requirements
 Talents & Powers          Required/Not Recommended/Disallowed?         Requirements/Notes
Electrical Powers                   Disallowed                                                           See IST WWII campaign guide
Flight                                     Disallowed                                                          Not unless your a secret resistance fighter who  will never break cover.
Damage Reduction                 Disallowed                                                           Just cause
Variable Power Pool              Not Recommended                                               Talk to me first, most likely not.
FTL Travel                            Disallowed                                                           You can have it as long as you
dont have the ability to find your way back. 8>)


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