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Ep. 2  Move Over Yoda, It's Alpha Time  (10/5/00)

Mittens (Bryce Nakagawa/Absent due to A's game)
Russel Shaw (Dave Wolf)
Hoshino Tetsuro   (Hilary Goldstein)
The Bounty Hunter Vash Stampede (Ed Goldstein)

Lady Vengence
Baron Midnight- Sargon Ace
Admiral Lange
Sgt. Slaughter
Alf (Melmakian malcontent)
Justina Kendal
Coro Elks- Arms Dealer

Location- Freeport of Galagher, Swamps, Secret R&D lab


After escaping the pirates, the Black Princes cruise liner was in need of some repair.  Admiral Lange held a planning meeting and decided that Shaw, Vash, Alf, and Kendal take the captains shuttle into the Freeport of Galagher to pick up supplies, a more less noticable ship, and weapons.  During the trip after a great game of poker, we found that Tetsuro had stowed away on the shuttle.  Instead of spacing the little pest they decided to take him.  At the freeport they split up in order to cover more ground.  Shaw wasn't able to find ships worth mentioning and had to go to Gugulars Outfitters to get some new, less obvious clothes.  Stampede and Tetsuro ended up at Gugulars looking for weapons in the back room.  The manager of the store was able to direct them to some pretty nice weapons and also hinted at the possiblility of more at a hidden location deep in the swamps.  They got a map from him with directions to the site.  While leaving the store they bumped into Shaw who decided to come along for the ride.

On the way out of town it became aparent that Sargon forces had landed and were acting like they owned the place.  Shaw, Tetsuro, and Vash decided to beat a hasty retreat and headed for the swamps in a rented swamp skimmer.  After following the coordinates from the map they were able to find the place in the swamps the ultra secret lab. Unfortunately it looked just like any other spot in the swamp.  Vash and Tetsuro jumped into the water to see if they could find the hidden stand and ended up fighting some type of lizard.  Vash got bashed in the head by Shaw who was trying to help him out of the water.  The eventually managed to find the entrace to the lab.  Unfortunately, they weren't strong enough to open the door.  Tetsuro went back with Shaw and they managed to pry the door open and get inside.  Tetsuro found pass key belonging to Emil Lang and opened up the hanger with it. Sitting down at the computer terminal in the Hanger Bay caused a self destruct sequence to start.  Shaw and Tetsuro decided to take the only fighter jet out of there and a couple of armored motercycles and blast our way out.  During the time that Shaw and Tetsuro were underwater in the lab, a detachment of Sargon troops moved into the area.

Vash was able to move the skimmer underneath some foliage to avoid detection by the Sargons.  He took aim on some tree limbs high overhead the Sargon's skimmer in preperation for a nice distraction.  Several Sargons in heavy powered armor went underwater to find the stash.  After an inditerminate amount of time they were able to enter the secret base and find their way into the hanger about the same time the jet with Tetsuro and Shaw was blasting off.  Soon after the whole base exploded and the jet broke the surface of the water incased in a protective shell.  After jettosining the shell, Shaw scrambled out of the area.  Vash was able to get away in the confusion after dropping a large part of a tree on the Sargons.

Shaw, headed out of the swamp, was able to figure out the transformative capabilities of the fighter jet and had it doing some interesting acrobatics.  He brought it down well outside of the swamp and let Tetsuro out of the cockpit.  Tetsuro instantly went over tot he bikes and began fiddling around with them.  He managed to get one to start up but ended up ditching it and getting scraped up.  Soon they were contacted by Justina Kendal who later showed up and began showing Tetsuro how to operate the transformable motorcycle.  After some talk about what the groups next move should be it was brought to Shaws attention that Baron Midnight was with the contingent of Sargon thugs in the swamp and he flew off in the tranformable fighter to do battle.

Vash managed to get away from the Sargon in the skimmer and promptley got lost in the swamp.  He ended up climbing a tree in order to get his bearings.  No sooner did he do that when Baron Midnight in a suite of heavy powered armor came flying by and found the skimmer.  He announced to Vash that he had the skimmer and that Vash should come out of hiding but before he was able to locate Vash, Vash was able to signal Shaw who was flying overhead with a burst from his hand gun.  Shaw swooped the fighter down and transformed to giant robot mode after seeing Baron Midnight there.  The Baron was able to get a volley of missiles off at Shaw and damage the arm unit of his fighter but Shaw lunged at the Baron and burried him in the swamp much.  He then collected up Vash in the huge hands of the robot and blasted off to rejoin the others.

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