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Ep. 3  I'M HIT, I'M HIT, MEDIC!!!! (10/24/00)

Mittens (Bryce Nakagawa)
Russel Shaw (Dave Wolf)
Hoshino Tetsuro   (Hilary Goldstein)
The Bounty Hunter Vash Stampede (Ed Goldstein)

Lady Vengence
Baron Midnight- Sargon Ace
Alf (Melmakian malcontent)
Justina Kendal

Location- Freeport of Galagher, Swamps


Ach, where to begin.  After the events from last episode Russel left off carrying Vash out of the swamp in the hands of the Alpha to the clearing outside of town.  A powersuit gauntlet writhed out of the muck of the swamp and then clenched into a fist before cutting over to...

Aboard the Galaxy Princess all was not well.  Mittens was busy working away trying to fix the electronics gear aboard the GP.  While doing that she noticed one of the passengers, a young woman from the Rising Sun Empire, following her about.  She quaried the passenger list and found that the woman was an attache to the govornment but before she could confront her Mittens was rendered unconcious.  She awoke in a small storage container being shipped to the planet of Galagher.  She managed to get out of the container but was picked up by the crew of the ship it was being transported on.  They turned her over to the Galagher authorities who put her in jail.  She faked not being able to speak english in order to confuse everybody and then faked having to go to the bathroom.  While on the toilet she contemplated her situation.  She eventually pried open the grille on the air vent and climbed out.  While in the ventilation shaft she managed to contact Shaw in the Alpha and notify him that she was on planet and in trouble.  He told her to meet him at the Gungalar Outfitters shop.

At the clearing Shaw and Vash met up with Tetsuro, Kendal, and Alf.  He informed them of Mittens presance on the planet and they devised a plan for rescuing her from the authorities.  Shaw would stay with the Alpha and act as reinforcements and the rest of the group would try to infiltrate the spaceport without tipping off the Sargon.  At the walls of the starport Vash decided to set off and create a diversion at the opposite side of town while Tetsuro entered through a side gate.  Vash decided to ride up to the main gate with Kendal and accuse one of the farmers entering town of sleeping with his sister.  A gunfight ensued as Vash used a few well-placed shots to scare the farmer out of his truck.  He tried to ricochet a few rounds off the ground and hit the gas tank but was hit in the Nads (gonads, that is) by a well placed shot from one of the Sargon guards and hit the ground hard.  From there it was easy for him to hit the gastank as the guards approached.

By then Kendal was bringing the cyclone motorcycle to bear, unleashing a few missiles as a Sargon heavy powered armor unit moved in.  She also managed to call Shaw who swooped in like the cavalry to engage the heavy armor.  Shaw took a few hits but blew the arm off the powered armor as Kendal got Vash onto the bike and hauled ass out of there.

Vash's impromptu diversion helped Tetsuro in some small way to waltz into the town, pick up Mittens and jump his cyclone over the gate as he picked up Alf on his way out.

Back at the clearing Kendal managed to apply some preasure on what was left of Vashs' manlyness and stop the bleading.  It was decided that the next best thing to do would be to sneak back into the spaceport, hijack a ship, and leave that miserable mud ball.  Vash stayed behind to guard the Alpha and the rest of the group strolled over the city wall, bought some LOX fuel for the Alpha's booster rocket, knock out a couple of maintenance techs dressed up as LOX delivery guys, and escape the city all without getting shot at.

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