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Ep. 4 Out of the Frying Pan Safe and Sound (11/9/00)

Mittens (Bryce Nakagawa)
Russel Shaw (Dave Wolf)
Hoshino Tetsuro   (Hilary Goldstein/Absent)
The Bounty Hunter Vash Stampede (Ed Goldstein/Absent)
Dr. Bartholemew (Tob Brittain)


Alf (Melmakian malcontent)
Justina Kendal


Date- ?

After picking up Vash and the Alpha we ended up blasting off the planet and heading back to the Galaxy Princess.  From there we were debriefed by the Admiral and set course for a friendly planetoid not too far from where we were.  Vash was rendered into the very capable care of Dr. Bartholemew who stabalised his condition and hit him with so many pain killers he couldn't feel anything.  It just so happens that there was a Star League stronghold not too far away.  We were instructed on how to get past the nebula that blocked off access to the planet and eventually set down on a very Hawaiin type planet.  The beaches and recreation facilities were the first things we hit once we had been debriefed by the local brass.  We all ended up in a local bar where I managed not to get drunk, Mittens got to drink and dance all night long, and Kendal got to get picked up by some lecherous fly-boy.  Dr. Bartholemew managed to run into some aliens who enjoyed the environment on the planet and began delving into the mysterious living habits of a wierd manta-ray type alien.  Other then that everybody basically got to unwind.

Vash was lucky that the local Star League Med facility was able to re-grow his gonads so he basically spent most of his time floating around in a vat of regen fluid.  I'm not quite sure what happened to Tetsuro but I'm sure he was up to no good.

The next day I got to start working with Kendal on the Alpha and promised a demonstration flight by the end of the day for the brass.  I also got to torment Kendal on her hangover by being not only perky but by also listening to some if the loudest bad music in the universe.  After the repairs were finished on the Alpha I managed to talk Kendal into going on the demo flight where I put the Alpha and Kendal through their paces.  Unfortunately the wing that had been shot off hadn't been repaired properly and it fell off.  I tried changing to gardian mode but that wasn't enough to stop our fall and set us down smoothly.  The Alpha crashed and rolled several times and when it was all over Kendal was unconcious and had a broken forearm.  I on the other hand walked away with just a few brueses.  The Admiral insisted that I go to the hospital with Kendal while the local guys cleaned up the Alpha.

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