WW-II Time Line

Compiled By David Wolf

    I compiled this timeline from a variety of sources including Hero Games excelant WWII Suplement "Golden Age of Champions" as well as a several internet resources including the Gearkrieg webpage.  If you haven't already seen them please check them out, they're well worth the read.


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Sept.18  Japanese begin conquest of Manchuria.

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March 1  Manchuria becomes Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo.

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Jan.30  Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany.
March27  Japan leaves League of Nations.
Oct.14  Germany leaves League of Nations.

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Jan.26  Germany and Poland sign 10 year non-aggression pact.
June 30  Hitler carries out blood purge of Nazi Party.
July 25  Unsuccessful pro Nazi revolt takes place in Austria; Chancellor Engelbert Dollfiiss is assassinated.

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March 16  Hitler reintroduces compulsory military service.
May 2  France and the USSR sign five year mutual assistance treaty.
June 18  Anglo German naval agreement is signed.
Oct. 3  Benito Mussolini invades Ethiopia.

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Jan.15  Japan withdraws from London Naval Conference.
March 7  Hitler re-militarizes Rhineland.
May 5  Italians capture Addis Ababa, ending major operations in Ethiopia.
July 17 18  Spanish Civil War begins.
Oct.25  Germany and Italy form Rome Berlin Axis.
Nov.25  Germany and Japan sign Anti Comintem Pact.

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After two years of development the Panzerganger 1 A, an unarmored gear with no secondary movement systems, enters field testing. Germany deploys four PzG lA's in the Spanish Civil War. Germany deploys the Panzergangers in out of the way areas, still rumors leak out about armored men. The militaries of the world dismiss these rumors.

"Nothing but rumors... unfounded rumors, told by uneducated peasants. It is my firm opinion that they just saw a tank for the first time. I remember in the Great War...
(General Mott quoted by the London Times. June 17, 1937).

July 7  Marco Polo Bridge incident near Peiping sets off Sino Japanese War.
Dec.12  Japanese planes sink United States gunboat Panay in Yangtze River.
Dec.13  Japanese sack Nanking.

Mar 13 Germany annexes Austria (the Anschlus).

June Superman makes his debut in Action Comics, No.1.

Sept 29      The Munich Conference, Czechoslovakia's Sudentland ceded to Germany. According to Neville Chamberlain the Munich agreement means "peace in our time."

The PzG 1 B enters final testing in Germany's annexation of Czechoslovakia.

Oct 31 Halloween: Misinterpreting the radio play "The War of the Worlds" as the real thing, thousands panic as Orson Wells describes an invasion from Mars.

Nov 9 Kristallnacht night of Broken Glass) The assassination of German Envoy in Paris is used as an excuse by Nazis to burn and loot Jewish shops and synagogues. Germany also starts placing Jews in Concentration camps and fines them $400,000,000.

Dec 8 The German aircraft carrier, Graf Zeppelin, is launched (it is never finished, however). A 2nd carrier, Peter Stasser, is planned.

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Feb 18 The Golden Gate International Exposition opens in San Francisco.
Mar 15      Germans occupy Bohemia and Monrovia unopposed.
Mar 23      Lithuania Surrenders Memel territory to Germans.
Mar 26      Poland reflises to cede Danzig Corridor to Germany.
Mar 31      Britain and France guarantee Poland's integrity.
Apr 1 Fascists win Spanish Civil War. US recognizes Franco's government.
Apr30- Oct 31 "The World of Tomorrow" is the' theme for the New York World's Fair in Queens. 22 nations participate in showing off their technological prowess. Notably absent is Nazi Germany. Opening day affendance tops 500,000.
May Batman makes his debut in Detective Comics, No.27.
May 22 Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy ally.
Sept 1  Germany invades Poland, WWII begins.

PzG 1 B is used in the invasion of Poland where it encounters difficulty with the faster horse cavalry. PzG 11 enters development to solve the problems of the PzG 1. The world gets its first look at the Panzerganger from the German newsreels on the invasion.

Sept 3 England and France declare war on Germany.
Sept 5 President Roosevelt declares US neutrality.
Sept 6 The Prussian Eagle leads first air attack on Britain.
Sept 10 Canada declares war on Germany.
Sept11     Great Britain sends expeditionary force to France (the superheroes are held back for home defense).
Sept 17     USSR invades Poland.
Sept24      US starts "Cash and Carry" program to trade with warring nations.
Sept27      Poland Surrenders to USSR.
Sept28      Germany and USSR divide Poland between themselves.
Oct. 6  Last organized Polish resistance is broken at Kock
Oct 24 Airship ZR 3, the USS Los Angeles is stricken from the Navy lists and dismantling starts.
Nov 8 Assassination attempt on Hitler fails.
Nov 9 Betts and Stevens (MI 6 agents in Netherlands, in charge of spy ring in Germany) are lured to a Dutch town on the border of Germany for a meeting with an alleged Nazi turn coat. They get snatched and dragged into Germany and are implicated in the assassination attempt on Hitler. They spend the rest of the war in jail. British spy operations ground to a halt and they must start over and rebuild operations from scratch.
Nov30      USSR invades Finland.
Dec 17 Germans scuttle Battleship Graf Spee off Montevideo, Uruguay after battling with British cruisers.


March 15  Hitler occupies rest of Czechoslovakia.
March 28  Insurgent forces complete conquest of Spain.
April 7  Mussolini invades Albania.
Aug.23  Germany and the USSR sign non-aggression pact.
Sept. 3  Great Britain and France declare war on Germany.
Sept.28  Germany and the USSR revise non-aggression pact.

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Jan Captain Marvel makes debut in Whiz Comics #2

Jan 12 1st German air raid on London.
Mar 12      Finland signs treaty with USSR ceding Karelian Isthmus and other territory.

April 9 Denmark and Norway fall to Nazi forced under Teuton, the Ubermensch (Blitzen, Donner, Loge, Fels, Der Schrecken, and Muse), and Atlan, a Danish hero, is killed. First use of Supers militarily, the governments of the world are shocked as new reel footage is "leaked" to the allies.

May 5  King Haakon VII escapes Norway for England.
May 10      German mecha walk through "impassible" Ardennes forest. Germans invade Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Invasion of France begins.
May 11      British Prime Minister Chamberlain resigns and is replaced by Winston Churchill.
May 13      Igor Sikorsky makes 1St US helicopter free flight in his VS 300 at Statford, Connecticut.
May 15     Holland surrenders to Germany and Queen escapes to England.

May 28     Begian army surrenders. King Leopold III remains as a German prisoner.

June 4 Germans occupy Dunkirk following the largest organized route in history. About 1200 Allied naval and civilian craft managed to rescue 338,266 British and French military personnel when they were forced to abandon the European continent to the Germans. The British Silver Sword falls at the evacuation of Dunkirk while covering withdrawal of the forces. A monument in his honor is constructed in London.

June 10     Italy enters war on Germany's side.
June 13     French forces manage to capture a damaged PzG 1.
June 14     German mecha overwhelm what's left of French forces. France falls. Germans occupy Paris. French government moves to Bordeaux.
June 16     General Petain forms new French government to make peace with Germany.
June 18     General De Gaul forms free French government in exile in England.

June 22      French/German Armistice is signed. Nazi troops occupy three fifth of France. Nationalistic French super heroes escape to England and the US rather than become Nazi puppets. Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, and Jongleur begin working undercover for the French Resistance. British engineers get the salvaged PzG 1 and begin reverse engineering it with French and American scientists in London.

June 24      Marshal Petain moves his government to Vichy, France.

June 28      Alien Registration Act passes. All Aliens age 14 and above must report for registration and finger printing with government officials and their families being exempted. Over 5 million eventually register.

July 3 British destroy French fleet at Oran to prevent it from falling to Germany. France severs diplomatic ties.

July 16      Hitler orders preparations for Operation Seelowe( Sea Lion) the anticipated German invasion of England. The Battle of Britain Starts as German planes strike in preparation for the invasion.

July 30      Germans occupy England's Channel Islands (Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey and Sark.)

Aug 3 Italians begin African campaign against the British.

Aug 25      British begin massive bombing campaign over German capital, Berlin.

Sept 3 US trades 50 WW1 destroyers to England for Navy bases in the Caribbean.

Sept 7 Britain withers under the Blitz, Government moved from London to Aberdeen, Scotland.

Sept 20      Tide turns in the battle of Britain, as the Black Fox, a British super agent, goes on a suicide run against French based bomber bases; destroying several before he is killed. U boat blockade of England is strengthened.

Sept 27      Tripartite Pact signed forming the German, Italian, Japanese Axis. Axis agreement divides the world into spheres of influence as follows: Europe to Germany, the Mediterranean to Italy, and the Orient4o Japan.

Oct 12  Operation Sea Lion, the planned German invasion of England, is called off.

Oct 16  All US men, age 21-35, required to register for military draft.  Actual selection begins in two weeks.

Oct23  Hitler fails to convince Franco to let German troops march through Spain to attack English at Gibralter.

Oct 24  Hitler fails to convince Vichy France to ally with Germany.

Oct 28  Italians invade Greece. Greek heroes Marathon and Nike battle Italian heroes Veltro and Decurian for the first time.

Dec 12  Germany unveils "Himmelstutzpunkten" (skybases): giant Zeppelins that can launch fighters and bombers while in the air.

March 12  Finland capitulates, signing Treaty of Moscow.
April 9   Germans begin invasion of Norway and seize Denmark.
April 14   Anglo French forces reach Norway.
May 2   Anglo French forces are driven from central Norway.
May 10   Germans invade the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
May 14   Dutch Army surrenders.
May 20  Germans break through to English Channel at Abbeville.
May 28  Belgium surrenders unconditionally.
June 4  British complete evacuation of Dunkerque.
June 8  Allies leave Narvik.
June 9  Norwegian Army agrees to armistice.
June 14  Germans enter Paris.
June 22  German French armistice is signed (fighting ends June 25 after signature of Italo French armistice June 24).
July 3  British attack French Fleet at Oran and Mers el Kebir.
July 10  Battle of Britain begins.
Aug. 5  Italians invade British Somaliland (conquest is completed Aug.19).
Sept.13  Italians invade Egypt.
Sept.23  British and Free French attempt unsuccessfully to take Dakar (attack ends Sept.25).
Oct.28  Mussolini invades Greece.
Oct.31  Germans begin breaking off Battle of Britain.
Dec. 9  Gen. Sir Archibald Wavell launches British counter-offensive in Egypt.


March 12  Finland capitulates, signing Treaty of Moscow.
May 10  Winston Churchill becomes prime minister of Great Britain.
June 10  Italy declares war on France and Great Britain (effective June 11).
June 15    The USSR begins seizure of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia (ends Aug. 6).
June 22  German French armistice is signed (fighting ends June 25 after signature of Italo French armistice June24).
June 28  USSR seizes Bessarabia and northern Bucovina.
July 25  United States begins embargo on shipment of strategic materials to Japan.
Sept. 3  United States trades 50 destroyers for naval base sites in British possessions.
Sept.16  President Roosevelt signs first American peacetime Selective Service Act.
Sept.22  Japanese begin occupation of northern French Indochina.
Sept.26  United States imposes total embargo on scrap shipments to Japan.
Sept.27  Japan joins Axis (Tripartite Pact).
Nov.20  Hungary joins Axis.
Nov.22  Romania joins Axis.

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Jan 6 FDR "Four Freedoms" State of the Union address: Freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. The duties required to protect these freedoms were maximum productivity, speed of delivery of materials to war front, fight an all out effort, work towards a just charitable, lasting peace.

Capt. America makes his debut in Capt. America Comics #1.

Mar Although officially still neutral, the US seizes Axis ships in US ports. Several heroes battle with Kreigsmariner to prevent Axis ships from leaving US ports.

Mar 1 Bulgaria joins Axis powers.
Mar 11 Lend Lease act passes enabling FDR to: "Sell, transfer, exchange, lend, lease, or otherwise dispose of defense materials for the government of any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the US. Several US super heroes volunteer for "Lend Lease" to help Britain combat the Axis super villains.

Mar 31 General Rommel, "the Desert Fox", takes control of German and Italian troops in a new African Offensive. Rommel, with his Afrika Mecha Corps (Made up of PzG il's), decimate allied resistance in N.Africa.

Apr 6 Germany invades Greece and Yugoslavia.

Apr 17 Yugoslavia surrenders to Germany.

Apr21 Greece surrenders to Germany. Greek heroes go undergroung.

May 11     Rudolf Hess, the 3rd ranking member of the German Nazi government, is captured after parachuting into Scotland in an attempt to deal for peace between England and Germany.

May 20     Germans occupy Creete.

May 22     US seizes Portuguese Azores islands to prevent them from falling into German hands.

May 24     The HMS Hood is destroyed by the Inner Cadre while pursuing the Bismarck.

33 Abwehr agents are arrested in US. Considered the biggest spy round up in US history and the biggest disaster for the Germans.

June 20      US Army Air Corps becomes US Army Air Force (USAAF)

June 22      After his success in Africa, Rommel and his mecha are sent to lead the invasion of USSR, breaking the non aggression pact. US "Lend Lease" super heroes already in Britain volunteer to help USSR combat the Axis super villains.

July FDR forms office of COI "(Coordinator of Information) predecessor of the OSS Ground breaking ceremony for the Pentagon Building, in Washington DC. At the time it is the largest office building in the world. Nazi super agent attempting to place time bomb in foundation of Pentagon are stopped by US supers.

July 12      British sign pact with USSR.

July 16      US occupies Iceland. Germans capture Smolensk.

Aug 14      Aboard a US Cruiser in Argentina Bay, Churchill and Roosevelt sign Atlantic Charter and agree to take care of Germany first.

Aug28      Germans occupy Baltic states.

Sept 19      Kiev falls to Nazis.
Oct 16 USSR government flees Moscow for Kuibyshev. German ally, Rumania, occupies Odessa.
Oct 24 Germans take Kharkov.

Oct 31 Although not at war, US destroyer Reuben James is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine.

Nov 15      Russian and lend lease super heroes help beat back the Nazis at the gates of Moscow. First battlefield appearance of the Collective Star, Bolshoi, Red Knight and Mikhail.
Nov 18 British begin counteroffensive in Libya.
Dec Wonder Woman makes her debut in All Star Comics #8.

Dec 7 Pearl Harbor and Hawaii attacked by Japanese mecha, aircraft, and supers. Only the presence of Capt. Freedom prevents the invasion from succeeding. US loses S battleships, 2 cruisers, 1 destroyer, several smaller craft, and severely damage 3 other battleships. All most all US air power destroyed on the ground.
America enters the war.

Hitler issues Night and Fog Decree ~act und Nebel Erlass) to suppress anti Nazi activities in Europe. Suspects were rounded up in the middle of the night by the Gestapo never to be seen again (they were usually secretly executed.
Dec 8 US declares war on Japan.

Dec 10 Japanese invade Philippines and Guam.

German and Italian supers cease embassy based operations in the US and quickly go underground.

Dec 11  Germany and Italy declare war on US, who return the compliment.

First major battle on US mainland between US and German/Italian superbeings following surprise attack bombing of several super hero headquarters.
Dec 12 The Wolfman movie debuts.
Dec 14 The Germans fail in their attempt to capture Moscow.
Dec 15 Argentina joins the Axis.
Dec 17 German and Italian troops retreat from Libya.

Dec 22 Prime Minister Winston Churchill of England visits Canada, then US to affirm "Germany First" strategy and issue United Nations Declaration. Axis Ubermensch make two kidnapping attempt: Vs Churchill in Canada and Vs Churchill and FDR in Washington. US supers intervene.

Dec 25 Hong Kong surrenders to Japanese invaders led by Golden Samurai.

With Rommel gone, the Allies counter attack in North Africa. They begin the long drive toward Tripoli. First use of lend lease mecha ~ew allied Mecha).

Feb. 7  Trapped Italian army surrenders to British at Bedafomm, Libya.
Feb.12  Gen. Erwin Romel arrives in Tripoli to take over North African campaign for Axis.
March 1  Italians finally check Greek counteroffensive.
March 5  British forces reach Greek mainland.
March 16  British land at Berbera, British Somaliland.
March24  Axis forces launch offensive in North Africa (Tobruk is invested by April 11).
April 6  Axis forces invade Yugoslavia and Greece; British occupy Addis Ababa.
April 17  Yugoslav Army capitulates; British begin evacuating Greek mainland.
April 30  Organized resistance ends on Greek mainland.
May 2  British attack insurgents in Iraq (campaign ends May 31 with occupation of Baghdad).
May 20  Germans begin airborne attack on Crete.
May 31  Germans complete conquest of Crete.
June 8  British attack Vichy French forces in Syria, defeating them in six days.
June 22  Hitler invades the USSR.
Aug.21  Hitler turns German main effort southward toward Kiev.
Sept. 8  Leningrad's land connections with rest of the USSR are severed.
Sept.19  Kiev is captured.
Nov.18  British begin second invasion of Libya.
Nov.20  Germans capture Rostov.
Nov.27  Conquest of Italian East Africa is completed with surrender of Gondar.
Nov.28  Germans are forced to evacuate Rostov.
Dec. 5  German offensive stalls 25 miles from Moscow.
Dec. 6  Russians launch counteroffensive.
Dec. 7  Rommel begins withdrawal to El Agheila.
Dec.10  British advance in Libya relieves Tobruk.
Dec.24  British enter Benghazi.


Nov.26  Pearl Harbor striking force sails from Kuril Islands.
Dec. 7  Japanese carrier aircraft attack United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and nearby Army air bases; Japanese destroyers bombard Midway Island.
Dec. 8  Japanese planes raid American air bases in Philippines; Japanese invade Thailand and Malaya; seize Shanghai International Settlement; attack mainland territories of Hong Kong; bombard Wake and Guam.
Dec. 9  Japanese invade Gilbert Islands.
Dec.10  Japanese seize Guam and begin landings on Luzon; British warships Repulse and Prince of Wales are sunk off Malaya.
Dec.11  Attempt by Japanese to seize Wake Island is repulsed; Japanese begin invasion of Burma.
Dec.13  Japanese force British to withdraw from mainland to Hong Kong Island.
Dec.16  Japanese invade British Borneo and Burma.
Dec.18  Japanese invade Hong Kong Island.
Dec.20  Japanese land near Davao, Mindanao, Philippines.
Dec.22  Japanese make major landing at Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Philippines; Chiang Kai shek offers Chinese troops for defense of Burma; first American troops reach Australia.
Dec.23  Japanese overrun Wake Island; Gen. Douglas MacArthur decides to withdraw into Bataan Peninsula, Luzon.
Dec.25  Japanese complete conquest of Hong Kong.


March 1  Bulgaria joins Axis.
March 11  Congress passes Lend Lease Act.
March25  Yugoslavia joins Axis.
March26, 27 Anti Axis coup d'etat takes place in Yugoslavia.
April 13  Japan and the USSR sign neutrality pact.
May 27  Roosevelt proclaims unlimited national emergency.
June 14  German and Italian assets in the United States are frozen.
June 22  Germany, Italy, and Romania declare war on the USSR.
June 26  Finland declares war on the USSR.
June 27  Hungary declares war on the USSR.
July 23  Japan occupies southern Indochina.
July 25  Japanese assets in the United States are frozen.
Aug.14  Roosevelt and Churchill issue Atlantic Charter.
Sept.17  British and Soviet troops occupy Teheran, Iran.
Dec. 8  Japan declares war on the United States and Great Britain; the United States and Great Britain declare war on Japan.
Dec. 9  China declares war on Japan, Germany, and Italy.
Dec.11  Germany and Italy declare war on the United States, which then declares war on them.
Dec.24  British American Arcadia conferences open in Washington (end Jan.14, 1942).

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Jan Rio Conference: Latin American countries side against Axis.

Jan 1 UN Declaration Signed by US, UK, USSR, and 22 other countries (and later signed by 20 more). It pledged a united front against the Axis powers.

Jan 2 Manila, capitol of the Philippines, falls to Japan. Although ordered to return to the US, some heroes stay behind in the Philippines long enough to cover retreat of a hospital ship.
Jan 5 Rubber rationed in US.

Jan 13 Operation Paukenschlag (Drum beat): Germans place S U boats off US coast with orders to sink US shipping and mine US harbors.

Jan 16 Actress Carol Lombard (wife of actor Clark Gable) dies in a plane crash on way to US War Bond Drive.
Feb 2 Automobiles rationed in US

Feb 9 In NY harbor, the largest and most luxurious ship afloat, the French ocean liner Normandy (rechristened USS Lafayette) burns and capsizes from fire caused by Nazi's sabotage. Huge super combat occurs. 1st appearance of US super team Strikeforce A (AKA the Psycho Squad) Lucifer, Sgt. Strike, Hunter, and Gadgeteer get their mugs in the paper.
Feb 13 Japanese supers, based on submarine cruiser 117 off the US West Coast, start series of raids against American industrial targets.

Feb 16 US requires 20 40 year olds and all Supers to register for the draft.

Feb 18 Free French submarine cruiser Surcouf accidentally rammed by US freighter in Gulf of Mexico and sunk.

Feb 19 FDR signs Executive Order no.9066. 112000 Issei (Japanese Americans) and Nisei (2nd generation Japanese Americans) are forcibly taken from a 150 mile wide strip of the US West Coast and placed in internment camp (Initially 5000 German and Italian Americans are also rounded up but most were released within the year). By the end of the war, about 55000 Japanese Americans were allowed to leave the camps for jobs or college (away from the west coast) or the armed services.

Feb 25 Race riots start in Detroit over housing of Black Americans in Polish American neighborhoods. Numbers of Black and White superhero squads work together with State militia in stopping riots.

Mar 18      US and Canada complete the Alaska Canadian (Alcan) Highway linking Alaska to the mainland US by road.

Apr 9 Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines falls to Japanese. 12000 US and 64000 Filipino troops are force marched 85 miles, May 6 then packed in freight cars and sent by rail to prison camps. 24000 die en route.

Apr 18 Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle leads 16 B 25 bombers off the deck of the aircraft carrier Hornet on an air raid of Tokyo, Japan. One of Doolittle's B 25's contains a Government sponsored super hero raiding party bent on ruining the Master's day. While doing little physical damage, it boosts US morale.

May 4, 8 Battle of the Coral Sea. The United States' Fleet suffers heavy losses, loosing the carrier Lexington, an oiler and a destroyer, but is victorious.

May 6 Last US stronghold on the Philippines, the island fortress of Corrigidor, falls to Japan.

Sugar is rationed in US (1/2 lb. Per person per week).

May 8 Liberty League's 1St mission is Vs Nazi spy ring in Connecticut.

May 15      Gas and bicycles are rationed.

June CIO becomes OSS(forerunner of the postwar CIA).

Jun 3 6      After a fierce battle, Midway island lost to the Japanese. Elements of the Japanese army attack and occupy the Aleutian Islands. Approximately one half of the American Fleet is out of action by this point.

Der Stepenwolf steps up US Abwehr activity.
Jun 3 US declares war on Bulgaria, Hungary and Rumania.

June 7 The GI newspaper "Yank" starts publication.

Jun 20   Japanese submarine I 26 shells a wireless station on Estewan Point, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jun 21 British garrison at Tobruk in N. Africa surrender to German and Italian forces. Japanese submarine I 25 shells Ft. Stevens, Oregon (1St naval bombardment of a US military base in the US by a foreign power since the war of 1812).

June26     Germany, launching modified JU 88's from a Zeppelin, bomb Baltimore. The "High War"over the Atlantic begins between carrier fighters and the elusive Zeppelins.
Jul 2 German and Rumanian troops capture Sevastopol.

Jul 22 Gasoline rationing coupons are issued. Public ID superheroes with automobiles are issued X cards allowing unlimited gasoline.
Jul 25-27 Churchill meets FDR in Washington to discuss strategy.

FBI announces the capture of 8 Nazi saboteurs who were delivered to the US by U boat. Within 2 weeks, 6 are executed by electrocution and 2 receive life sentences for giving information. American and Axis supers slug it out over other saboteurs drops off Long Island, New York and Florida.
Aug 7 US Marines retake Guadadalcanal from the Japanese.

Aug 9 Japan wins battle of Savo Island. The US loses 3 cruisers, and one more and two destroyers are badly mauled. Australia also loses a cruiser.
Aug 10 German troops reach oil fields in Caucasus.
Aug 12 Churchill meets with Stalin in Moscow.

Aug 16      US Navy Blimp L 8 crash lands in Daley City, CA. Several hours after leaving on a routine patrol from Treasure Island. Its engines are shut off and its two man crew are missing.
Aug 17 B 17 bombers make 1st US air strike over Europe against rail yards in Rouen, France.
Aug 20 US invasion fleet lands on Guadalcanal, the first real American offensive begins.

Sept 9 Japanese submarine cruiser 1 25 launches seaplane to bomb Oregon's forests in hopes of starting massive forest fires.

Sept 10      After a fierce battle, the drive towards Stalingrad ends in a costly German defeat. Soviets manage to capture several PzG ill's in Stalingrad. Stalin orders the development of an entirely Soviet Gear to end reliance on American Lend Lease Gears. Soviets field two more new team of supers made up of survivors of the horrific battle at Leningrad.
Sept 15 Cruiser USS Juneau sunk with the loss of 676 men.

Farm machines are rationed.

Sept 29     Japanese submarine cruiser I 25 once again launches seaplane to bomb Oregon's forests in hopes of starting massive forest fires.

Oct 2 1st US jet plane, the Bell XP 59A is test flown at Edwards Airforce Bases in CA. West Coast super group prevents Japanazis saboteurs from stealing Bell XP 59A.

Oct 18 Hitler issues "Commando Order". Henceforth, all British commandos and Allied meta humans and parachutists are to be immediately executed whether in uniform or not.
Oct 22 Fuel oil rationed in US.

Oct 23 General Montgomery's British troops make headway Vs German and Italian troops in N. Africa.
Oct 31 Stalingrad falls to Germans.

Nov 4 Rommel recalled to Africa too late, El Alamein falls. American and British forces take the rest of N. Africa by May 1943.

Nov 8 US troops enter Algeria and Morocco in N. Africa.

Nov 11      Germans occupy remaining French territory (except Toulon).

Nov 13-14   US and Japanese forces battle again at Guadalcanal.

Nov 22      German 6th army is surrounded and trapped in Stalingrad. They try establishing and air corridor for supplies.

Nov 27      Toulon is captured by Germans but the French naval squadron there is sunk.
Nov 29 Coffee is rationed in the US.

Nov 30      Popular Boston night club, the Coconut Grove, catches fire. 484 of 800 patrons die in the hour it takes to put the blaze out. Disaster leads to laws requiring nightclubs to have fireproof fixtures, sprinkler systems, exit markers, and workable emergency exits.

Superheroes battle Japanese cruiser class submarines I 400, I 401, 113, and 114: their compliment of six bombers and two reconnaissance planes; and several Axis Supers in raid against Campaign City.
Dec 18 Oil and coat stoves are rationed.

Dec 22      The movie debut of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (all of Universal's Sherlock Holmes movies were set during the war, so Prof. Moriarty became a Nazi agent).

Jan. 2  British capture bypassed fortress of Bardia, Libya.
Jan.11  Rommel withdraws westward toward El Agheila.
Jan.17  British reduce bypassed German garrison of Halfaya.
Jan.20  Russians recapture Mozhaisk, 65 miles west southwest of Moscow.
Jan.21  Rommel launches major counteroffensive.
Jan.26  First United States troops arrive in Northern Ireland.
Jan.28  British Eighth Army withdraws to El Gazala Bir Hacheim Line.
Feb. 1  Soviet counteroffensive begins to bog down in German hedgehog defense system.
Feb.12  German warships Scharnhors4 Gneisenau, and Prinz Eugen escape from Brest and run up English Channel to German ports.
March27 British carry out successflil raid against St. Nazaire, France.
May 8  Germans begin minor operations to prepare for summer offensive in the USSR.
May 12  Russians launch large scale spoiling offensive against Kharkov.
May 17  Germans counterattack in Kharkov sector.
May 27  Rommel launches major offensive against El Gazala Bir Hacheim line.
May 28  Germans complete defeat of Soviet Kharkov offensive.
May 30  Royal Air Force begins major air offensive against Germany with heavy raid on Cologne.
June 10  Rommel forces evacuation of Bir Hacheim.
June 14  British withdraw toward Egypt.
June 20  Rommel breaks into Tobruk, completing its capture June 21.
June 24  Rommel reaches Sidi Barrani, Egypt.
June 28  Germans launch main summer offensive in the USSR.
June 30  British are forced back on prepared positions at El Alamein.
July 1  Germans complete capture of Sevastopol.
July 2  British Eighth Army begins limited counterattacks against Axis forces in Egypt.
July 4  American crews participate in Royal Air Force raid on airfields in the Netherlands, in the first United States air operation in Europe.
July 6  Germans capture Voronezli, near Don River.
July 9  German offensive in the USSR divides, one army group advancing through Rostov into the Caucasus oilfields and the other toward Stalingrad.
July 23  Germans capture Rostov.
Aug. 9  Germans penetrate northern foothills of the Caucasus.
Aug.19  British and Canadians, accompanied by small detachment of United States Rangers, make amphibious raid on Dieppe, France.
Aug.31  Axis forces attack El Alamein position (Battle of Alam el Halfa).
Sept. 7  Lt. Gen. Bernard Law halts British counterattack at Alam el Halfa; begins elaborate preparations for major counteroffensive.
Sept.16  Germans penetrate Stalingrad suburbs.
Oct.23  British Eighth Army opens El Alamein offensive.
Nov. 1  Heavy fighting continues in Stalingrad and the Caucasus; Russians are gradually wearing down German offensive.
Nov. 5  Axis troops withdraw from El Alamein area.
Nov. 8  British and Americans land in Morocco and Algeria.
Nov. 9  German troops begin occupying Tunisia.
Nov.10  Adm. Jean Francois Darlan orders French forces in North Africa to cease resistance to' Allied invasion.
Nov.11  Eighth Army's pursuit crosses Egyptian frontier into Libya, taking Bardia; Axis troops move into unoccupied France.
Nov.19  Russians begin offensive in Stalingrad area.
Nov.22  Converging Soviet attacks cut off German Sixth Army around Stalingrad.
Nov.27  French warships in Toulon harbor are scuttled to prevent seizure by Germans.
Nov.30  Determined German resistance halts Allied invasion of Tunisia.
Dec.12  Germans counterattack to relieve Sixth Army at Stalingrad.
Dec.16  Soviet offensive against Italian Eighth Army on middle Don River forces abandonment of effort to relieve Stalingrad.
Dec.24  Lt. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, commanding Allied forces in North Africa, decides to postpone Tunisian offensive until end of rainy season.


Jan. 7  American and Philippine forces complete withdrawal into Bataan Peninsula.
Jan.11  Japanese begin invasion of Netherlands East Indies.
Jan.20  Japanese begin major offensive in Burma.
Jan.22  MacArthur orders withdrawal to final Bataan defensive position.
Jan.23  Japanese make amphibious landings behind American Philippine positions on Bataan, but are contained; seize Rabaul, New Britain; and land on New Ireland and Solomon Islands.
Jan.24  United States destroyers raid Japanese shipping off Balikpapan, Borneo (Battle of Makassar Strait).
Jan.26  Withdrawal to final Bataan defensive position is successfully completed.
Jan.27  British forces in Malaya begin withdrawal to Singapore Island.
Jan.31  British complete withdrawal to Singapore Island.
Feb. 1  United States Pacific Fleet attacks Japanese bases in Marshall and Gilbert Islands.
Feb. 2  Lt. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell is appointed chief of staff to Chiang Kai shek.
Feb. 4  Dutch United States naval force is badly damaged by Japanese aircraft in Madoera Strait, Netherlands East Indies.
Feb. 8  Japanese forces break off Batam attacks to reorganize for fliture decisive offensive; Japanese gain foothold on Singapore Island.
Feb.14  Japanese paratroopers seize Palembang area, Sumatra.
Feb.15  Singapore surrenders unconditionally.
Feb.18  Japanese seize Bali, isolating Java.
Feb.19  Darwin, Australia, is badly damaged by massive Japanese air attacks.
Feb.22  President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders MacArthur to leave Philippines.
Feb.23  British in Burma are forced back across Sittang River; Japanese submarine shells refinery near Santa Barbara, Calif.
Feb.27   Allied naval forces are decisively defeated during attack on Japanese convoy (Battle of the Java Sea).
Feb.28  Japanese invade Java.
March 7  British evacuate Rangoon, Burma.
March 7,8  Japanese land on New Guinea.
March 9  Dutch forces surrender to Japanese on Java.
March 11  MacArthur, family, and staff leave Bataan (reach Darwin March 17).
March24  Japanese begin heavy air and artillery bombardment of Bataan and Corregidor.
April 3  Japanese launch major offensive against Bataan.
April 4  Japanese carrier task force begins large scale raid into Indian Ocean, attacking Colombo and
Trincomalee, Ceylon, during following week.
April 9  American Philippine forces on Bataan surrender; Japanese concentrate planes and artillery against Corregidor.
April 18  MacArthur assumes command of Southwest Pacific area; Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle leads air raid on
April 29  Japanese seize Lashio, southern terminus of Burma Road.
May 3  Japanese occupy Tulagi, Solomon Islands.
May 4  United States carrier planes raid Tulagi.
May S  British invade Madagascar; Japanese make assault landing on Corregidor.
May 6  Lt. Gen. Jonathan M. Wainwright surrenders all forces in Philippines unconditionally.
May 7  Battle of the Coral Sea begins (ends May 8).
May 10  American Philippine forces in Mindanao, Palawan, and Visayan Islands begin surrendering (Process is completed June 9).
May 20  Japanese complete conquest of Burma.
June 3  American aircraft from Midway locate main Japanese fleet approaching that island.
June 4  Japanese are decisively defeated in Battle of Midway (')ursuit continues into June 6).
June 6 ,7  Japanese land troops on Aleutian islands of Attu and Kiska.
July 2  Joint Chiefs of Staff order recovery of New Britain New Ireland New Guinea area, beginning with occupation of lower Solomon Islands.
July 22  Japanese land at Gona and Buna, New Guinea, for overland advance against Port Moresby.
Aug. 7  United States Marines begin landing on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands.
Aug. 8 ,9  Japanese naval task force inflicts serious losses on Allied fleet off Guadalcanal (Battle of Savo Island); Allied naval forces retire from Guadalcanal area.
Aug.21  First Japanese assault on Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, is repulsed.
Aug.24  Uni