1940's Supers Miniature Gallery

Hilary's Frost Character.  A Chilly hero. Hilary's Mercury Character.  Modeled after the original DC Flash Character Tom Tibbals Green Knight character.   Tom Tibbal's Green Lantern Character Used to represent Tom Tibbal's possessed Green Lantern Character
Mr. Mentalo now known as Mr. Mnemonic first played by Tom B. and then passed on to Walter Rob Killen's Cpt. Conundrum Character Ed's Multiple Man character Ed's Locomotive Character Hilary's Cpt. Chameleon Character
The Crimson Nun Cpt. Conundrum's later form Evil Vatican Priest dude who's name I can't remember.  It was Father Something The "Arachnid Bitch"  Her Arachnid friend
The Ancient ice Demon Fels (Mountain) German Agent Hitler  Prof Kreiger after taking his power injection Professor Kreiger in his normal form.
Hell Fire after he got chopped into tuna Delilah, Hell Fire's Girlfriend Future Prof. Kreiger Future pumped up Prof. Kreiger Nazi Mentalist Chick


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