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The Generation Hero Campaign is a project that I've been putting together for a very, very long time.  It basically deals with the idea of taking a Champions Super Hero campaign from 1941 all the way through the decades until 2040.  I would basically be running mini-campiagns (20-30 episodes depending on how much adventure fodder I can come up with) for each decade or until everybody gets tired of it.  I will be building up the campaign background infromation decade by decade as the game progresses or as I gather more information so please stop by and let me know what you think.

This page not only houses information on my campaign but also information on campaigns that I have played in or am currently playing in.

Generation Hero Power Level Guide - A roadmap of power evolution from 1940 through 2000. Added 10/8/00

The 1940's - The Golden Age of Super Heroes - GM'd by David Wolf Updated 6/6/01
The 1950's- Better Dead then Red
The 1960's-  The Cold War Isn't
The 1970's-  Peace, Love, and a Little Place Called Viet Nam
               70's Super Teen Hero - GM'd by David Wolf Updated 10/17/01
The 1980's-  IST, SMAU and a few other things - GM'd by David Wolf and David Little (On Hold) Updated 8/6/00
The 1990's-
The Millenium-

Other Worlds and other Times
Teen Hero - GM'ed by Hilary Goldstein (Over) Updated 3/5/01
Justice League -GM'ed by Hilary Goldstein (Over) Added 3/5/01
Star Com - GM'd by Amy Crittenden (Over) Updated 12/5/00
Wuxia Hero- GM'd by Hilary Goldstein (Over) Added 7/11/01
Fantasy Hero- GM'd by Edward Goldstein (In Development) Updated 7/11/01
3rd Ed. D&D- GM'd by Tom Brittain Added 10/11/01
Star Wars- GM'd by Walter Manbeck (Ongoing) Added 2/7/2003

Dave's Other Obsession-
Miniatures GalleryUpdated 10/17/01
Miniatures Resources!Updated 3/26/01

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Other Sites Maintained by David Wolf:

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Panzer World Galient-  This is a site that I put together to gather all the information I've been able to collect on this 1984 classic anime.
Record of Lost Heroes-  I am a Lodoss Wars Fanatic and this site contains much of the translations that I have done over the years.
Microman Web-  This site is dedicated to the Microman toyline newly created by Takara Toys of Japan.  Please stop by and check it out.  If you were a fan of the old Micronaughts toyline you'll love this one.
Geocities Generation Hero Mirror-  For those who have trouble seeing Freeservers.

Sites of my Friends:

The Bagel Fathers Web Page-  You must see the Bagel Fathers page or else he'll leave a horses head on your pillow.

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