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Hunter (GURPS Wemic Version)
Dale Donovan
Player:  Joe "The Damage Sponge" Rogers
Appearance: Age 22(41), 5' 6", 235 lb., Blue Eyes, Golden-Brown Fur, Brown Mane, Wemic

ST 16/18 (main body)
DX 14
IQ 13
HT 15118
Speed 7.25

Move 7 x4 when charging
Thrust 1d+1 Swing 2d+1

Active Defenses Skill
Dodge 8*
Advantages Super Advantages Skills Super Powers
15 Combat Reflexes
25 Handsome +2+4
10 Charisma +2
85 ISTRank4
50 Unusual Background(Super)
10 Fearless +5
70 Chameleon 10
50 Silence 10
25 Clinging
45 DR 15
10 Little Sleep
10 Temperature Tolerance
5 Ultra Hearing
15 Unaging
40 Spectrum Vision
5 Polarized Eyes
23 Discriminatory Smell(Emotion Sense)
8 Acute Smell
Computer Op. TL8 I     13
Judo 4 14
AK: U.K. I 13
AK: London 1 13
English 0 13
History (lntemational,U.N.)
2 12
Strategy 2 12
Tactics 2 12
Guns+2 I 19
Naturalist 6 14
Survival (Forest) 6 15
Tracking 6 15
Knife 8 17
Bow 4 14
Sex Appeal 6 15
Stealth 8 16
30 Kiai Shout Skill 13 - If targets lose Skill v. Will contest he is mentally stunned. Area
Modifiers: -i per 2 meters distance, -2 if target herd of hearing (earplugs). immune if deaf, -2 if target has heard shout before, -4 if heard many times.

-10 Flashbacks
-15 On the Edge
-15 Phobia: Crowds
-10 Overconfident
-10 Bad Temper
-5 Truthfulness

-1 Likes women taller than himself
-1 Likes long hair on women
-1 Loyal to his girl

Com Unit

Wemic: Lions with human torso, arms, and head. Their Lion parts are identical to that of true lions, covered in soft coat of golden-brown fur, with tails ending in tufts of dark-brown hair. The human portions are particularly muscular and hairy, and head hair is worn long in both sexes. Their faces are basically human, but with forward-thrust jaws, pointed ears(placed high on the head) that can move like those of a cat, and sharp feline teeth. Their eyes are feline as well, with pupils that contract to a slit in the day and open to great orbs at night, affording them excellent night vision. Wernics are carnivores, but they cook meat and know how to persevere it with salt and various spices and herbs (they have acquired a taste for hot spices, in particular). They hunt often, for their active lives require them to eat twice as much as other humanoids of their size and weight. They constantly seek intense emotion and excitement, as found in love and battle. They express their emotions in roars and yowls of anger, sadness, or happiness. They fear nothing except boredom, and respect courage, loyalty, and honor above all else. They are always truthful, never hide their feelings, and always keep a vow until death. This remarkable honesty may be in part due to their tails. Like domestic cats, wemics show their emotional states by their tails: held high for pride, hung low for fear, slashing for anger, tapping for annoyance, etc. Thus they see no use in hiding their feeling when their tails betray them.  Return to top of page

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