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These characters were born from the imaginations of a group of young guys who hung out together over the course of a couple of years in a little town in Washington called Yakima.  We all were brought together by a guy named Sam who ran a very interesting game of Marvel Superheroes.  Unfortunately, most of his games ended with us, the players, being saved by some GM ran NPC so after getting fed up over a couple of months of this the core group broke off to play GURPS IST GM'd by David Little.  After a while I managed to convince Dave of the superiority of Champions over GURPS and we eventually converted most of what we needed over to Champions.  I then took on the mantle of GM and the SMAU campaign was created.  We have all since grown up and moved away but occasionally we get together for a game of IST or SMAU in order to remember our glorie days.


IST Characters
IST Campaign Adventure Summery
SMAU Characters
SMAU Campaign Adventure Summery
Miscellaneous Characters

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IST London Characters
Nova (Hero Version/Played by Kasey Hampton)
Nova (GURPS Version/Played by Kasey Hampton)
Stone Wall (GURPS Version/Played by Kasey Hampton)
Spartan (GURPS Version/Played by Kasey Hampton)
Shifter (Hero Version/Played by Barry Hurd)
Ray AKA Adam Ray (Hero Version/ Both forms played by Kevin Hurd)
Thermite (Hero Version/Played by Daryl Hurd)
Hunter (GURPS Wemic Version/Played by Joe Rogers)
Hunter (Hero Version kinda/Played by Joe Rogers)
Red Star aka Sonic Bitch (Hero Version/Played by Joe Rogers)
Highlander (Hero Version/Played by Joe Rogers)
Imperius (Hero Version/Played by Travis Haus)
Silverback (GURPS Version/Played by Frank Green)
Silver Phoenix (GURPS Version/Played by Frank Green)
Hard Ball (GURPS Version/Played by Frank Green)
Pheonix (GURPS Version/PLayed by Mike Knight)
Shadowcat (GURPS Version/Played by Mike Knight)
Sly (GURPS Version/Played by Tim)
Tower (GURPS Version/Played by Tim)
Diacon (GURPS Version/Played by Jason)
Tempest (GURPS Version/Played by David Wolf)
Tempest (Hero Version/Played by David Wolf)
Albion (GURPS Version/Played by David Wolf)
Demon (GURPS Version/Played by David Wolf)
The Wall (GURPS Version/NPC)
Sparks (GURPS Version/NPC)
Medic (Hero Version/NPC)
Empath (Hero Version/NPC)
IST Battle Armor (GURPS Version)

IST Campaign Summary
What were some of our most memorable adventures?  First, we had to deal with an evil super powered terrorist off-shoot of Demon called Coven.  We fought the likes of Satyrnin, Afrighter, Bloodletter, Black Spider and the Blue Witch.  Then there was the Demon saga in which Demon was revived from deep sleep after 60 years in hibernation in an alien cryosleep tube.  We then got to fight Black Spider who had been hired to kill a Myranon diplomat.  We soon traveled to the Forgotten Realms (Yes, the D&D Forgotten Realms, sheesh!).  That's where Hunter got turned into a Wemick, Silverback was killed and then brought back from the dead by a local god and combined with Pheonix for something different.  Oh, did I mention that Nova got his hand shot off by Hunter who was having a Vietnam War flashback?  We had to cut a deal with the dark God who was threatening that dimension before we could come back.  After that we helped stop a military incursion in South Africa by killing a meta who was turning into a giant dragon in the local UN Military HQ.  After that Tempest, with help from Nova, got to deal with local Yakuza who had burned down his martial arts school.

Vancouver based Special Metahuman Action Unit (S.M.A.U.)
Flare (Hero Version/Played by Mike Knight)
Photon (Hero Version/Played by Mike Knight)
Cougar (Hero Version/Played by Joe Rogers)
The Evil Cougar (Hero Version/Played by Joe Rogers)
Ku Tien Lung (Hero Version/Played by Joe Rogers)
Glow Worm aka ? (Hero Version/Played by David Little)
Silver Streak (Hero Version/Played by Kasey Hampton)
Stone Guy (Hero Version/Played by Tim Clark)

SMAU Campaign Adventure Summary
Under Construction

Miscellaneous Characters
Mulch (Hero Version/Played by David Wolf)

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