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New World Order
December 2000.  Titans walk the Earth.  The most revered of these are the Justice League.  Their names are legendary—Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Captain Marvel, and Green Lantern.  Sanctioned by the United Nations, the Justice League has protected the earth for nearly a decade.  They have not been seen in two months.

The world is not full of these marvelous warriors.  There are few who can step in and take their place.  Most major cities have a single protector, though often these protectors are not strong enough to battle world-threatening events.  Many of the more powerful of these super beings have been corrupted.  They are villains.

Now that Superman is gone, who will protect Metropolis?  And without the Flash, what can save Keystone City?  More importantly, who will guard the world when the menace of evil rises?  Already the UN is clamoring to outfit a new Justice League.

Many are skeptical of super humans.  But overall the view is positive.  Especially of the Justice League.  After all, it’s hard to spit on the people who just kept the sun from going super nova.  The world outlook is much as it is today--positive, but with overtones of pessimism.  There are currently no laws requiring super humans to be registered, though there is a worldwide monitoring group that keeps track of all such known individuals.  Stormwatch’s mission is to make sure the good super humans stay good and to keep tabs on all known parahumans.  The head of Stormwatch, Henry Bendix, is very influential on UN decisions.  It should be noted that the UN has much more power and influence in this world.

Though you still can’t buy plutonium at the local 7-11, there have been amazing technical advancements in the past twenty years.  The average person has the normal range of tech—cell phones, laptops, furbies—but the government and some private organizations have mastered some technology once thought science fiction.  Teleporters, giant mecha, cycborgs all exist in the world.

Superman is from a doomed world thousands of light years from Earth.  This is known fact.  Aliens do exist and the world is aware.  However, the general populace is not aware of the full scope of extraterrestrial activities on earth.  Man has not traveled outside the solar system, though a manned mission outside the solar system is planned to launch in 2001.

The Big Cities
There are many big cities in the world.  Some you already know—Paris, Los Angeles, New York, London.  There are also several other big cities—Metropolis, Gotham, Coast City, New Tokyo—that only exist in this world(and the DC Universe).  If you wish to be from one of these fictional cities, let me know and I will give you more details.

Guardians of Earth (Importance of the PCs)
You will be the Earth’s last line of defense.  Petty muggers and dope dealers rarely catch your eye.  Your villains are more sinister and far more deadly.  You will battle evil across the globe, and beyond the Galaxy.  Should you fail, the Earth will fall into the hands of the wicked.

Campaign Tone
There will be some laughs, but for the most part this is a serious campaign.  The characters will often be put into tough positions and forced to make difficult decisions.  The PCs will be put to the test regularly, both physically and mentally.

There is a political environment the PCs will be forced to deal with.  This means they will have to consider public perception.  Their actions will be viewed by the world.  Small actions can have great consequences.
The campaign will focus on the heroes super-heroic lives.  There will be some time for personal activities, but the majority of gameplay will show that super heroes have little time for anything else.

The most important thing to remember is that we're having fun(I hope).  The Champions book(and the very laws of the universe) are -not- rules.  They are guidelines.  Sometimes we're gonna have to ignore these guidelines for the sake of the adventure/campaign.  I like to run my games very loosely and off the cuff.  If it makes sense for something to happen, it will probably happen.  I don't care much for rolling dice all the time.  If you're inventive, or if you're making it fun for everyone, then I'm easy at giving leeway.  On the same token, sometimes the villain escapes, and you gotta accept that.

Building a Better Super Man (Character Building Guidelines)
*Characters will have 175 base points and 125 points in Disads(no more then 75 pts in one category).
* Characters should be the most powerful supers on the planet.  They will need to fight world crisis regularly.  There is a loose 80 Point active level limit.  Focus on a concept(speedster, brick, flame man) and make it worthy of The Justice League.
* Killing attacks are discouraged, as is killing.  Any killing attack should be low enough not to kill on a single attack.  You are expected to represent the very best of heroism.
* Secret IDs are recommended but are by no means required.  Public IDs are okay but come with consequences.
* Hit Locations will not be used.
* Pushing will only be allowed under extreme situations, when it seems reasonable to do so.
* No high tech equipment without talking to me first.
* Mentalists are discouraged due to the size of the group.  I’d be willing to allow someone with some mental powers but another power as their main scheme.
* Every character must have at least one weakness.  Ex:  Green Lantern=Yellow, Superman=Kryptonite (and magic), Martian Manhunter=Fire.
* Disads
* Characters will not know about each other's secret ID's at the start of the campaign, nor will they be formed as a group. You may know of the other characters and will certainly know of the Justice League.
* Players who write a minimum 2-page BG on their character will receive an extra 10 points towards character creation.  Players are recommended to write a background on their character.  Tell about their daily lives.  Their family.  Their interests.  How did they get their powers? How do they view the JL?  Why are they a good guy?  Talk about their alternate identity.  Family?  Friends?  Job?  Loves?  Previous encounters with villains, etc.  Also make mention of where you want to take the character.  If there are particular character developments you want(plot-wise or power-wise) here's a good chance to let me know.

While creating your character and while playing in this campaign, I hope that we all keep in mind that as much as we like to win, that's not the goal.  Sometimes the most interesting situations come from when we don't win.  The point is not to be the greatest super hero in the universe, or to rape the rules so that you get a mega-deadly attack for only 2 points.  Power gamers and rule mongers are not what I'm interested in.  I hope that we can create an environment where, for a few hours, we can immerse ourselves into another world.  One where our daily problems are supplanted by the unreal problems of characters we've created, living in a world we've populated with our imagination.

Players are encouraged to be actively involved in shaping their characters.  Meaning if you have an idea for things to occur to your character(subplots, as it were) it is to your benefit to let me know so I can work with it.  While I may be the GM, it is still our campaign and everyone should feel free to be creative in their backgrounds, motivations, and in roleplaying their characters.

Suggestions and complaints are always welcome.  If there's something you think could be better, or if you think things are running great, let me know.  If you have ideas for ways of improvement don't hold back.

Thanks for reading this wordy campaign summary.  In case you didn't notice, I really want to make this an enjoyable and unique gaming experience for us all.  Excelsior!(please don't sue me, Stan Lee).

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