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Champions of Youth

Some questions to answer/things to think on

Are your parent’s still together?  Step family?

Are your parents from Earth?  Are they robots you created so no one would ask… questions?

Any siblings?  Older? Younger?  Any of them go to school with you?  Are they popular?  Geeks?  DNPCs?

What grade are you in?

Are you a good student?  Teacher’s pet?  Trouble-maker?  Geek?  Popular?  Student Council Treasurer?

Do you play any school sports?  Part of any clubs?

Who do you hang with at school?

Post-high school aspirations?  What kind of career are you interested in?

What do you usually do after school?  Are you a skate punk?  Play video games?  Cause mayhem?  Lock yourself in your room and do… homework?

What are your hobbies?  Collect coins?  Boogers?  Comics?  Girl’s hearts(not literal… I hope)?

How did you get your powers?  Are you a mutant?  An alien?  Was there some kind of accident?  Was one of your relatives super-powered?

How would you react if you suddenly found yourself in an alternate dimension where apes ruled and humans were used as postal workers?

What kind of person are you?  Likes? Dislikes?  Sense of humor?  How do you dress?  What kind of food to you eat?  Are you a thinker?  A talker?  A loner?  A loser?

Why would you want to be a super hero?

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