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I just recently jumped back into the RPG arena after a long hiatus.  During that hiatus the only gaming I did was on and off with my old group of buddies up in Washington on average once a year or catching a local Con or two.  Once I got into a regular game  I caught the miniatures craze.  The only problem with that is that they don't make miniatures of Super Heroes any more.  The best stuff came out in the 1980's when Grenadier had licences for Champions, Marvel, and DC.  Now that Grenadier models is out of busines and the super hero gaming craze has been so lack luster for so many years figures have been hard to come by.

But lo, all is not lost.  This page is here so that I may share some of the information I've been able to gleen from the internet and point you to resources on the net that could put your super-hero game back into the 3rd dimension!  No longer will you have to sit there behind you're GM screen pontificating for the Nth time about where everybody is during combat.  You're table will no longer look like a no-mans land, desolate and empty.  Now you too can illustrate to your players exactly what you've been telling them with fold-up buildings and lead figures and not for that much scratch, if you know what I mean.  So let the following links take you to what you are looking for.

25mm Lead Figures
Fold Up Figures/Paper Places
Paper Models
Stuff on the 'net
Dave's Superhero Figure Gallery (coming soon)

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25mm Lead Figures-
The Stuff of Legands Super Hero Page-  Check out the Beastiary for Superhero figures.  At least here you can get an idea of what you've been missing since the eary 1990's and maybe even see a picture of those cool figures that are now unavailable.

Some stuff to look out for-
*TSR Marvel Superheroes (3 Boxed sets)
*Grenadier DC Superheroes (Watchmen, Teen Titans, Justice League, Legion of Superheroes)
*Grenadier Champions (Boxed Heroes, Boxed Enemies, individual packs of goodness)
*Soldiers and Swords Champions (Individual Packs)
*Citadel Superheroes (they didn't just make Warhammer don't you know, 2 boxed sets and a bunch of packs)

Crunchy Frog Enterprises-  The guys over at Crunch Frog are responsible for the latest super hero game UNSanctioned.  They tell me that they commissioned Reaper Miniatures to make 25mm figures to support their game by the end of the year and more to come in spring 2001.  I'm still waiting.

Super Figs-  A really nice line of new super hero figures.  They are a little large (28 mm) but the detail is good.  They have totally won me over by not only lowering prices (2.95 for small figures, 6.95 for large figures) but they have a great selection.  I hope they keep on pumping them out.  As soon as I get Paypal straightened out I'm going to be ordering a complete set.

Lances and Lasers-  The home of the Villians and Vigilantes line of super hero figures.  These babies are great as far as detail and variety but the older ones seem a little small, 20mm(?).  The new ones are bigger and they've been adding on some really good ones to the line.

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Fold Up Figures/Paper Places
Current and Past Publications that contained Suitable Fold-Ups or models include-

*Buck Rogers boxed adventure game and War Against the Han Campaign Pack
*Marvel Superheroes Original Advanced Boxed Set (nice to have but not neccessary)
*Marvel Superheroes MHAC-3 Adventure Fold-Up Figures Module (The one to look for, even has Galactus)
*Marvel Superheroes MHAC-4 Pit of the Viper and Fold up Figures (Don't go gaga for this, ain't worth it)
*Marvel Superheroes MH-8 Fault Line (Don't got it and don't see the need to unless someone else tells me otherwise)
*Indiana Jones IJ3 GM Pack (Crates, boxes and nazi vehicles.  This one is great for WWII campaigns)
*Indiana Jones  IJ6 the fourth Nail. item #6757.

Crunchy Frog Enterprises
*UN Sanctioned Peacekeepers Illustrated (Not the greatest fold ups but they'll do in a pinch)

Hero Games
*Champions Alien Enemies (2 pages of fold ups perfect for use on the old hex map)
*Champions 4th Ed. GM Screen (A must have for Champions GM's but a little hard to get now.  It has an assortment of cut-outs reprinted from the Steve Jackson line of Superhero Fold-ups.)

Steve Jackson Games
Very rare but well worth the trouble, please reprint these lost treasures Evil Stevie!   SJG has of course been reprinting all the fantasy stuff and making up new stuff for the Traveller GM Screen and possibly some other pruducts just not super hero stuff. 8>(
*Villians and Vigilantes Fold-Up Figures
*Champions Enemies Fold Up Figures
*Champions Heroes Fold Up Figures (Not sure about this one)
*Generic Superheroes
*Autoduel Champions (Came with 15mm 2-d cut-outs of vehicles, heroes, etc)

Fantasy Games Unlimited
*Villians and Vigilantes 2004-2025 (Most of these had 2-d cutouts with character portraits, vehicles, and important items to the adventure)

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Paper Models
Here's some stuff on the net that might help your game out or just look really cool.

Microtactix-  Good place to find fold up buildings and people to spruce up your game.  They offer printable paper models of buildings, vehicles and other scenery for dark ages/fantasy, wild west, and modern day gaming.

Fiddlers Green-  The best place to get modern paper buildings, planes, etc besides Microtactix.

Paper Paradise-  An online store that sells published paper model products and has links to free models.

Print Game Models

Space Ships

Tenkai 3d Paper Model Program
This cool program allows you to design a 3d image on your computer and then print it out as a 3d model you can cut out and paste together.

Other Stuff

FFS Bang Doll

Japanese Paper craft Hub

Japanese Paper craft links galore

Veritech Fighter Model and Super Kit

Gatter Robo 2 Models

Another Great Index

Cut and Paste Sci Fi (Martian Walker, R2D2, The Day the Earth Stood Still

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Stuff on the 'net
EZ Hero-  Great place to find Champions information.  This Ezine has it all and is a great preview for what you might get in the Haymaker printed magazine.
The Nexus-  If you're into Marvel super heroes then this is a good place to start.  There are 6 pages of Marvel Fold-ups for you to use here.
Sparks-  Fold-Up's in the form of computer fonts that you can download and print out.  I just tried their demo set and they work and look really nice.  Hex paper can also be created by downloading one of their font from this site.
The City of Solis Archive-  Great fantasy stuff, floorplans and banners for now and a lot of great maps.
Paper Buildings Links Page-  Links to sites with free paper models
Heroquest Tiles and Overlays-  Dozens of free tiles to bring new life to your Heroequest or RPG game.  There are even some Sci-Fi tiles around here someplace.

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