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Ep. 1  Pirates and Princesses  (9/22/00)
Mittens (Bryce Nakagawa)
Russel Shaw (Dave Wolf)
Hoshino Tetsuro   (Hilary Goldstein)
The Bounty Hunter (Ed Goldstein)

86th Eagle Squadron (Russels flight wing)
Baron Midnight- Sargon Ace
Lord Marcova, the pirate
Admiral Lange
Sgt. Slaughter
Alf (Melmakian malcontent)
Cruise ship crew and passengers

Location- The Black Princess Cruise liner


The 86th Eagle Squadron was viscously ripped apart by Baron Midnight and a detachment of the 49th Sargon Blackguard Wing commanded by Baron Midnight.  Baron Midnight left Russel Shaw, leader of the 86th,  to sit and watch helplessly as his squadron was blasted to dust after his ship malfunctioned leaving him sitting helplessly nearby.  After a curt farewell, Baron Midnight left Shaw to die alone in the blackness of space.  Time went by and as his oxygen reserves were reaching critical depletion levels a cruise liner passing nearby picked up Shaws distress beacon and retrieved him from an untimely demise.  Aboard the Black Princess Shaw was left to drown his misery in alcohol.  Soon after the ship was attacked and boarded by pirates led by Lord Marcova.  After taking control of the ship he announced to the passengers that they would be ransomed off and that anybody else would become slaves.  He then had had the Black Princess go to hyperspace, destination unknown.

Bounty hunter managed to get himself nearly spaced by Lord Marcova after mouthing off about but was saved by his intended bounty who conked pirate guard over the head with a frying pan.  They then went off to go fry up some nasty chilly to distract the guards with.

Tetsuro, a slave boy owned by Lord Marcova met a mysterious lady who Lord Marcova had a grudge with.  She popped her slave colar and helped free Tesuro who she had lead her down to the ships computer.  They fought their way through several guards to get there and managed to program some instructions into the computer before heading back to the Black Princess.

About this time all hell broke loose in the main lounge where everybody was being held prisoner.  Alf presented his chilli to the guards while Sgt. Slaghter, Shaw, and the Bounty Hunter went toe to toe against the power armored pirates.  After an intense hand to hand battle and after cutting off the gravity generators, the guys were able to wrest control of the ship away from Lord Marcova and send him hurtling away in hyperspace as Admiral Lange had Shaw direct the Black Princess away from Sargon held territory.

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