The 1940's Game Log

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Ep1- Diamond Lil Strikes
Ep 2- Nazi Horrors (Part 1)
Ep 3- Nazi Horrors (part 2)
Ep 4- Nazi Horrors (part 3)
Ep 5- Terror at the Movie Theater
Ep 6- Hospital Hi-jinx
Ep 6.5 Dervish Side Story
Ep 7- Rooftop Battle
Ep 8- Engagements and Mysteries (9/15/00)
Ep 9- To Hunt the Hunter  (10/12/00)
Ep. 10 Escaping from the Kriegers Nest (11/2/00)
Ep. 11 Hunt for the Jade Jaguar (11/16/00)
Ep. 12 From Here to...Hawaii? (11/30/00)
Ep.13-  A Tough Day in San Francisco (12/14/00)
Ep.14-  Party Crashing (1/18/01)
Ep.15-  Terror on the Train Part 1 (2/1/01)
Ep.16-  Terror on the Train Part 2 (2/15/01)
Ep.17-  Boot Camp(3/1/01)
Ep.18-  What a Tangled Web We Weave (3/22/01)
Ep. 19 Out of Body, Out of Mind (4/5/01)
Ep.20-  (SNAFU) Situation Normal, All Fouled Up (5/4/01)

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