Star Wars 3rd game summary (the Lady in Distress)...
Run By: Walter M.
Players   - Character
Otto A.   - Jono Cassel (human, 1-force adept/1-tech spec)
Terry R.  - Tev (bothan, 2-scoundrel)
Ed G.     - Darius (human, 2-noble)
Dave W.   - Rem (human, 2-soldier)
Dave C.   - Banjou (human, 1-scoundrel)
Rich C.   - ???? (wookie, 1-scout)
Notable NPC's
    Bothan noble, Tereb Ablon
        Tereb Ablon the Bothan Prince that is currently our patron, got us a
        We were given a junk modified yt-1300 freighter (the night errant)
        We were to micro jump within the system...
        Go to the asteroid field...
        Search for the corelian corvett (stellar damsel), she is supposed to
be damaged...
        We are to rescue her crew of 30 and data.
        Under no circumstances are they supposed to be captured by the
        We dusted off of the bothan home world with the night errant.
Pretty good considering its shape...
        We jumped ok into the asteroid field and began our search
        We found a nebulon b frigate being attacked by an imperial cruiser.
        Knowing we couldn't do anything, we turned to hide in the debris.
        But we were found out by two tie fighters.
        We rammed into one and the other went out of control in the
difficult maneuver to avoid our ramming into him...
        We casually flew away from the battle.
        We were marginally damaged (25% hull left)
        We found the coded distress signal from the damsel.
        We maneuvered into a HUGE asteroid it had found refuge in.
        After landing next to her, we went to aid the crew.
        But we found Minocks on our hull.  If even one of those had managed
to get a good hold on the night errants power system, we would all be stuck.
So REM, the doctor and myself went around and cleaned them off the hull...
        REM established communication with the survivors, but the needed vac
suits to go from their ship to ours.
        We all stripped our vac suits off to get the survivors into our ship
(their docking port was broken)
        Rem went across with the vacc suits and found a group of powered
armor storm troopers!!!
        We basically shot at them with everything including the ships guns.
Rem made it in one piece, a bit bruised, scalded and shot, but he made it.
        We got the survivors across and left the asteroid.
        Well, technically it wasn't an asteroid any more.  After all the
ship blaster fire, it pretty much turned into a field of gravel around us...
        As we left, we picked up 6!!! more tie fighters.
        Tev managed to shake 4 of them before Jono got the jump drives
        Darius got the jump coordinates ready just in time..
        We took an additional 24% hull dammage before we were able to jump
out of there.  We were literally flying by the seats of our pants...
        We got the survivors and their information back to the bothan
        Dropped off the night errant to its previous owner, left him
        Tereb will be talking to us soon about future jobs.
        Tereb will be upgrading our hyperdrive and shields for this little
job we did for him.
        He also gave us a purse of 2,000 imperial credits apeace!!!
        We are not sure how long it will be until the next mission, so we
will be looking at alternative "work" in the near future...
        The group is discussing just how we should use the ship and the
resources our patron is giving us to better the universe...
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