Star Wars


Run by Walter Manbeck



Players   - Character
Otto A.   – Jono (Devon Halcoyn) Cassel (human, 1-F.Ad/1-T.Sp/2-J.Gu)
Terry R.  - Tev (bothan, 3-scoundrel/1-soldier)
Ed G.     - Darius (human, 2-noble)
Dave W.   - Rem Kanto (human, 4-soldier)
Dave C.   - Joakin Banjou "walking behind you"(human, 4-scoundrel)
Our Ships-
Z-95 Headhunter
Citadel Cruiser
Adventure 1 – The “Get Together” Adventure
Adventure 2 – Mutiny Due To Wookies
Adventure 3 – Lady in Distress 
Adventure 4 – Another Lady in Distress or Jono Gets Lucky
Adventure 5 – Droid Revolution
Adventure 6 – Droid Delivery pt. 1
Adventure 7 – Droid Delivery pt. 2
Adventure 8 -
Adventure 9 -
Adventure 10-
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