Star Wars 4th Game
Run By: Walter M.
Players   - Character
Otto A.   - Jono Cassel (human, 1-force adept/1-tech spec)
Terry R.  - Tev (bothan, 2-scoundrel)
Ed G.     - Darius (human, 2-noble)
Dave W.   - Rem (human, 2-soldier)
Dave C.   - Banjou (human, 1-scoundrel)
Rich C.   - ???? (wookie, 1-scout)
Notable NPC's
    Bothan noble, Tereb Ablon
    Rebel Contact, Rancy Tosh
Our patron Terben Ablon arranged for us to get a new shield generator.  He
called in some favors, paid for it or however the deal went through.  We
ended up with a new shield generator for our new ship.  The only thing is
that we have to go for a two week trip across the universe to Ord Mandell to
pick it up...
Before we left, we fixed up the ships hyperdrive and maxium speed up to
normalWhich left our ship only missing a shield generator and two
fighters for support...
We left the bothan moon and began our journey.  We made sure to stay away
from the major trade routes and went around the core worlds.  Some of us
would be detained by imperial forces otherwise.
We got to Ord Mandel in record time.  Our astrogator made good use of his
skill that day.
The group went to queksir's bar to find our contact for the shield
generator.  We made contact and he agreed to meet us outside the bar with
the generator in a truck..
We drank...
        Then drank more...
Jono caught the eye of a young lady (after sending her 3 or 4 drinks).  She
came over and was in desperate need of help.  She was dressed in very nice
clothes that had been torn and mussed up.  Of note was her base ball cap...
Jono brought the young lady to the others table and she spilled her guts.
Long story short, she needed us to take her to her downed star fighter in
the desert.  A group of thugs is hunting her down for a bounty and will do
anything if we help her.
This perked Jono up really quick.  "Lets go guys, I cant pass this
opportunity up."
Just as we were closing the deal, a group of thugs entered the bar, they
shot at her, Jono tossed his new heavy blaster at Rancy and jumped in the
way.  Luckily they had their weapons on stun, as did we.
We knocked them into next Tuesday, and left the bar quickly.  Just as the
truck with our new shield generator pulled up front.
We jumped on and he raced us to our ship.  We put the shield generator in
the ship and locked it up tight...
We took loaded down my new speeder bike with supplies and went into the
desert to find her star fighter.
The sleeping arrangements were a bit unorthodox, but Jono was willing to go
along with pretty much anything Rancy wanted.  And besides, Banjou needed my
bed roll...
We came across a hunter, enlisted his help as a scout and extra gun.
The thugs came back, but we drove them off.
the big beast the hunter was hunting, caught us.  It almost ate Tev, but
Darius shoved an inflatable tent in its mouth and it let Tev go.  Jono
tucked and rolled with the beasts morsel (tev) down the cliff side as the
rest of the group, including Rancy took care of the beast, as Jono had
tossed his gun at her yet again...
The hunter stayed to skin and preserve the beast as we went on.
The thugs made another attempt to get Rancy at night.  Boy does it get cold
at night...
We stopped the thug.  Banou scared her away.
We got to where the fighter was last.  Jono was acting as tracker.  As an
ecological priest of Ithor, he is an expert at tracking...
But it had been dragged away by banthas.
We sent Tev back to get the ship on the bike.  No trouble encountered.  He
was back in 30 minutes while we had lunch.
We boarded the ship and followed the tracks to a mesa.  We did a few flybys
and intimidated the star fighters thieves to give it up peacefully.  We did
minor repairs on her ship and went away from the mesa.
We landed near by in a well defended area and finished the repairs.
She gave us each 500 credits as reward...
Thats when she explained that she was with a new rebel alliance against the
imperium, and if we could join the cause.
We all agreed to help.
We docked her fighter to our ship and took off into orbit.  She was assigned
quarters and asked for 10 hours of sleep.
Just before, Jono dropped by to see if he could get her anything.  towels,
new linen or whatever she needed.  Jono was not seen for 10 hours after
The next day, Rancey is sporting a new heavy blaster in a hip holser (just
like Jonos old one) and Jono has  this cool new base ball cap...
Next game, Rancy Tosh will probably be contacting the local rebel group to
see how we can be of help to the cause.
Oh joy, we are finally making a difference.
Maybe we should tell Tereb Ablon about this new resistance?
Next game in two weeks...
We made 3rd level at the end of the game...
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