Star Wars 5th Game
Run By: Walter M.
Players   - Character
Otto A.   - Jono Cassel (human, 1-force adept/1-tech spec/2-jedi guar)
Terry R.  - Tev (bothan, 3-scoundrel/1-solider)
Ed G.     - Darius (human, 2-noble)
Dave W.   - Rem (human, 4-soldier)
Dave C.   - Joakin Banjou "walking behind you"(human)
Notable NPC's
    Bothan noble, Tereb Ablon
    Rebel Contact, Rancy Tosh
We voted to take on Rancy's mission to pick up a droid with sensitive
information, for some reason, most the players took this as a challenge?
Not sure why, but it took quite a bit of time to discuss, prompt and
eventually come to a decision that yes, we will join the rebellion and do
this first mission for her.
why do the mission, well, her fighter was trashed and she could not possibly
do the mission without extensive repairs.
so, we spent the first day or two at ord mandel installing the new and
improved shield generator.
Rancy took off to get her figher repaired.  This caused great grief for
after a non-convention test on the shields by Tev (shield floating), we took
the mission was to go to Trevura, about a days hyperspace away.
Go to the star port
Go to a storage locker
Pick up the astromech droid and secure it
Then contact Cole Ander, where we would be given information on where to go
admiral thrawns force was in orbit/plant, pretty much everywhere, so we had
to sit tight and wait until they left for about a day and a half.
after they left,
we got to the locker
got the droid
but then...
we were stopped by a group of imperials, we sent the doctor ahead in the
evidently they are stopping any and all droids and zaping them with a
special new imperial rifle that can stun them without destroying them?
they found a drug hidden in one of our droids?  Must have been the slavers?
The imperails were going to bring us in, but REM jumped them.
We had to join in the fight...
Long story short, we won.
a droid called tc3po approached us with a proposition
he'll buy all the special weapons (droid stunners) if we drop him off with
them at this warehouse near by..
we agree
we run into a nest of droid resistance.
it turns out the imperial governor of this planet likes killing/torturing
droids for fun and has a great hatred of them for some reason..
the droid took us to a meeting with the leader of the droid resistance, they
need a sample of the new weapon to counter act its effects?  Maybe?
during negotiations
bang, a group of 6 or so imperials attack. we fight them and the droids
good god, the droids are shooting at sentients!!!
Eeeek, bad karma..
we help out of desperation and the fact that the droids have bigger guns
than us.
we get money 3,000 and leave.
we basically sold out all sentients for 3,000 credits!!!
and the others were worried about joining the rebellion!!!
Ok, we're safe, we meet the doctor back at the ship and take off...
News flash, governor killed in freak accident involving a droid?  But we
know better???
        bad Karma dudes!!!
Our destination is ??????????
        to be continued in two weeks...
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