Star Wars 6th Game
Run By: Walter M.
Players   - Character
Otto A.   - Jono(Devon Halcoyn) Cassel (human, 1-F.Ad/1-T.Sp/2-J.Gu)
Terry R.  - Tev (bothan, 3-scoundrel/1-solider)
Ed G.     - Darius (human, 2-noble)
Dave W.   - Rem (human, 4-soldier)
Dave C.   - Joakin Banjou "walking behind you"(human, scoundrel)
Notable NPC's
    Rebel Contact, Rancy Tosh
    Rebel Contact, Talnar Tosh (Rancy's brother)
    Rebel Droid, tc3po (carrying vital information to the rebel alliance)
††† Rebel Contact on Duros, Rez-Nels
††††††† We begin the game with the group leaving Trevura.
††††††† TC3PO tells us where to go at every system we stop at, the final
destination is Corelia.
††††††† Darius manages to get a shipment of Nerf Wool, practically as a
gift from his followers in Trevura.
††††††† Part way into the journey, we find out the perils of being purveyors
of Nerf product.  Akin to those elusive Nerf Herders, some small percentile
of the population is allergic to Nerf wool.  Darius lost the lottery, we had
to beef up (or nerf up really) the life support systems to deal with the all
invasive odor of Nerf on the ship...
††††††† During the journey while the crew had some downtime everybody starts 
talking about their backgrounds and it is discovered that Rem is a former Imperial
pilot who went against orders and was imprisoned. Since then he managed to escape 
and has been running from the Empire since. 
††††††† We got to Corelia, sold our goods at a substantial profit (thanks to 
Dariusís diplomacy and Remís intimidation) and got the message from Ralnar.  
The gist of it was, "cant talk, leaving now."That was followed by a personal 
message to Jono from Rancy.  Followed by another message instructing us to go to 
Nalol in the Duros system to locate Rez-Nels.
††††††† While Jono took it upon himself to discover what had happened to Ranciís 
brother, Rem had decided to spend the week or two on planet to make some money 
working as a bouncer in one of the seedier parts of town in a place called The 
Pitt.It was a well paying but uneventful week or two, he only had to shoot down
one unruly customer but did manage to get Tev to come over for a drink.
Tev and Darius spent most of their time trying to secure a cargo to go to Duros
while Joakin spent his time working on the Z-95 Headhunter fighter Ranci donated
to our group.
††††††† Thinking that the disappearance of Talnar suspicious Jono and Joakin 
investigated the Tosh's apartment on Corelia and found only a Cat left behind, 
being taken care of by a very disturbed power droid...
††††††† We used the cat as our excuse to search the apartment.  Banjou and
Jono went in, they got the cat into a carrier and also found a datapad taped
to the top of the toilet bowl...
††††††† Getting back to the ship, we discovered the data pad had
instructions of receiving several "monster droids" for the rebellion from
the imperium, Ralnar had somehow procured the coded data pads that
controlled the shipment of droids and he was to go to Nalol to find/get the
droids for the rebellion, hereto called "The Company"...
††††††† We packed up everything, did some bartering (Darius and Tev managed to get a 
good price on several kilos of exotic minerals and some common ones as well) and 
took off for Duros, next game due in 2 weeks...
††††††† Side note for Jono.
Ever since Jono has "come of age" he has been having disturbing waking
dreams of going to corelia, not sure why?
He had his first big surprise this game.  His real name is Devon Halcoyn,
his grandmother told him so, she appeared to him from "the force".  Her
message was simple, find your ancestors light saber in a hidden grove and
you will begin your journey as a Jedi Knight...
††††††† Not wanting to be rude and wanting to know more of his real parents,
he went, found the grove and was attacked by a vicious "force beast" that
was probably a test.  The wounds he suffered were miraculously healed,
almost as thought they were not there, but his clothes were ripped up...
††††††† He retrieved a locked box from where the best had died, and went
back to the ship.
††††††† The box, after a bit of coaxing and using Telepathy to open it, he
got his ancestors light saber.  The box contained information on the light
sabers construction and maintenance, basically a holocron for teaching light
saber stuff to Paduans...
††††††† After a few failed experiments, Jono managed to get a recharger set
up in his room and the light saber is fully charged and ready to be used.
He has raised some suspicious with his late night practices, but his secret
is still a secret.  He wants to speak to the rebel leaders before he comes
out with the news that he is one of a long line of Jedi Knights, back to
help the known universe recover from the cancer which is the emperor...
††††††† So, as its stands, Jono is beginning to see how he can be of help to
the rebellion and hopes his fellow crewmen follow suit...
††††††† Now that he knows that the Jedi are not a myth and he would do well
to learn more of them, he will begin mega searches (using kn technology,
gearhead, pr engineer) to find more information on the "gear" the jedi used.
Probably next game I will be bugging walt about training gear and possibly
information of where they trained, to go there to see if I cant dig anything
††††††† Oh yea, one last thing, all this was done by himself, so nobody
really knows what happened, so Shhhh, dont tell anyone...
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