The 1940's - The Golden Age of Super Heroes
GM'ed by David Wolf

As Hitler steamrolls through Europe a new force rises up to meet this horror.  Can men with special abilities combat the menace that treatens to consume the world?  Patriotism isn't dead as able young metahumans join up to fight the good fight and battle the Nazi menace.

  Campaign Ground Rules Sheet -Updated 6/13/00
  Character Creation Guidelines - Added 6/13/00
  Character Background Sheet - Added 12/5/00
  Timeline of WW2 (from 1931-1942)
  Known Super's (What would WWII be like without them- For Hero)
  Player Characters - Updated 8/6/00
  NPC Central - Under construction
  World War 2 Military Equipment and Vehicles
  Military Unit Organization
  Game Log - Updated 6/6/01

World War 2 Links

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  Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society
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  World War II Web Ring
  Mike Boyle's WWII Page
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  US Army Military History Institute
  San Francisco History by Subject
  World War II Maps
  German Armed Forces in WWII
  Heavy Bombers
  Tracks and Tanks
  Alternate History Travel Guide
  Juggernauts of the Second World War

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